Smoke City Bandits


Doubling down on their Toronto pride, the Smoke City Bandits are here to continue a roller derby legacy in Toronto, wearing a familiar face. Masks on, tails out, the Bandits pay homage to one of the city’s famous features, Raccoon Nation. Adaptable, sneaky, and efficient; with a derriere that just won’t quit, the raccoon embodies many characteristics the skaters of Smoke City feel in themselves. Don’t be taken in by their cute faces; these crafty skaters will swindle points on the track before you even know they’re there.

The Smoke City Bandits are continuing in the Smoke City tradition and taking their place in ToRD’s four-team home league starting this January. Stay tuned for announcements about the 2017 roster!

Photos ©2017 Ashlea Wessel


Anne Bulance #911

Brawnson #709

Boba Fatale #8084

Crash Landing #747

Emily Morton #47

Fight Of The Conchords #64

Genuine Risk #1301

Helena Beat'em Harder #2

Hell Girl #12

Jammerhead Shark #14

Jessica Rabid #7

Juggernaut J #339

Killa HurtZ #1000

LowBlowPalooza #483

Mia Culprit #22

Pikacheek #2442

titmouse #1

Viris #1013

XS #0

Demerits Targaryen - Coach

Shred Flanders - Manager