Death Track Dolls

2018 Death Track Dolls


2018 is the dawn of a new day in The Dollhouse. New blood and new purpose, combined with the same grit and heart you have come to love – The Death Track Dolls are setting out this year with one goal in mind: WIN ALL THE THINGS.

Don’t let that name fool you – there’s nothing delicate or child-like about these Dolls. From the seasoned veterans through the freshest faces, they’re taking names and numbers, and are looking to be remembered this year. Zombies? Nope. Try athletes. Competitors. If there’s going to be any blood spilled on the track this season it’s not coming from a bottle.

Photos ©2018 Ashlea Wessel

skaters eighty

Bat Ma’am #789

Candy Crunch #407

Dawson #z682

Devochka #138

Ellen Rage #93

Fleetwood Smack #506

Getcha Kicks #76

Gigawatts #121

Hell Vetica	#31

Jagged Little Kill #86

Kate Silver #538

Nitrogena #2028

Regina Gorge #103

Scrappy	#505

Wheatabitch #411

Brickhouse - Manager

Derby Nerd - Manager

Mr. Wall - Manager