Chicks Ahoy!



Avast! There is no following a trail of crumbs to escape the wrath of the Chicks Ahoy!. These cookies don’t crumble. Whether rink-side or starboard-side these fiendish lasses wreak havoc abroad. Proud and loyal sailors to the core, they’ve sailed the seas and warded off their share of peg-legged, rum-guzzling pirate folk. They’ve gone drink-for-drink and arm wrestled their way through a list of treacherous scallywags fit to make your blood run cold.

Champions of the Toronto Roller Derby “Boot” in 2008, 2011, and 2012, the Chicks Ahoy! are once again docking their ship, the Ironclad, to fight their way back to the final. If they happen to roll into your path, assume they are armed and dangerous. Their unified war cry “Ahoy Hoy!” means there’s trouble a-brewin’.

Prepare to be tossed to the bilges when this heavy-hitting bounty of roller derby booty skates their way onto the track and into your heart. These sailors take down their enemies with a smile and a smack.

Photos ©2017 by Ashlea Wessel


Annguard #1312

Banshee #47

Boxcar #210

Francesca Fiure #212

Georgia O’Grief #705

Gorschach #8107

Joss Wheelin #55

Kimmie Somore #108

Monster Muffin #333

Noodle Kaboodle #99

R2-Smack-U #1977

Robber Blind #34

Rosemary's Rabies #15

Sammy Destruction #713

Scandal Navian #042

Slamureye #1285

Vag Lightning #867

Wheels of Misfortune #33

Sherblock #221b