Season 11 EOS Awards!

On Friday October 6, Toronto Roller Derby closed out our 11th Season with our annual End of Season Awards bash, which celebrates the best of Toronto Roller Derby, both on and off the track. Here are the 2017 winners:

The awards

Skating Awards
Best Jammer – Boxcar (Chicks Ahoy!) and Holly Rocket (Death Track Dolls)
Best Pivot – Jessica Rabid (Smoke City) and Rainbow Fight (Death Track Dolls)
Best Blocker – Boxcar (Chicks Ahoy!)
Rookie of the Year – Scrappy (Death Track Dolls)
Most Outstanding Newcomer – Jessica Rabid (Smoke City)
Most Feared Skater – Boxcar and Sleeper Hold (Chicks Ahoy!)
Most Improved Skater – Arrguile (Death Track Dolls)
Holy Grail – Guill T. Pleasure (Gore-Gore Rollergirls)

ToRD Culture Awards
Most Help off the Track – Gorschach
Draw First Blood – Redneck
Heart of Gold – Penny Whistler and Swear Wolf
Best Boutfit – Demerits Targaryen

Tordie of the Year – Arrguile

Most awards are voted upon by ToRD members, recognizing their peers for their performances both on and off the track, and are geared mostly towards recognizing members for their contributions to our home team season. Best Jammer is based on statistics from the 2017 Season. Best Blocker and Best Pivot are fairly self-explanatory. Rookie of the Year recognizes the best new skater who developed first and foremost as a ToRD member, and had not previously played for another full contact derby organization, while Best Newcomer recognizes a new skater who has transferred from another full contact league. Most Feared recognizes a skater who is your worst nightmare to face on the track, and Most Improved Skater recognizes a skater who has shown a noticeable growth and improvement in their play, leadership and skating. While not a skater award per se, the Holy Grail award honours the bench manager who has the greatest impact on their team’s success.

Most Help Off the Track goes to a skater who contributes strongly to the league behind the scenes.

The Draw First Blood award goes to the Viper that always brings 100% to every practice, consistently shows the most enthusiasm, and pushes the team.

The ToRD Heart of Gold Award, also known as the Crankypants Award (named in honour of our former announcer Cranky), recognizes a non-skater for their contributions to the growth and development of ToRD.

Previous winners of this award are:

  • 2012: Mr Force
  • 2013: The Reverend Ramirez
  • 2014: Wencer / Mr Whistler
  • 2015: Derby Nerd
  • 2016: Casey McNally

The 2017 ToRDie of the Year is Arrguile! ToRDies of the Year goes to a skater who “has experienced on-track success and who has best exemplified the values and spirit of ToRD on and off the track this past season. Our league values include: Community, Inclusivity, Empowerment, Development, and Respect.” A recent draftee, Arrguile won the heart of ToRD with her infectious good mood, positive attitude, and constant laughter. We are very sad to see her move to greener pastures as she picks up and heads out west.

Two one-time awards were handed out:

The Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Penny Whistler for her long-term service as a skating official. Penny has been with ToRD through thick and thin. With 11 seasons and over 500 games under her belt, Penny has become a bedrock of officiating for Toronto and the all of the WFTDA. Thank you Penny!

The F*ck it, We’ll Do It Live Award was given to Bill Murray, for his 10 years of service to ToRD both as a skating official and an announcer. In the early days, as an official, Bill heard the fans booing at them and yelled “That’s awesome! That means they care!” He filled in the role of house announcer in 2012 and went from getting yelled at to yelling at people. We are so glad for everything he has done for the league. Let’s f**king do it live. F**king thing!

Photo credit: Paul Devisser. Graphic manipulation: Hoser.

Thank you to everyone on the Exec and EoS Committees for putting together a wonderful, fun event to mark Season 11, thank you also to Bill Murray for being our host, and congratulations to all of this season’s winners!


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