Fresh Meat Starts August 7!

ToRD Fresh Meat join us rookie skaters

Our 2016 season has come to an end! Want to get in on Season 11 for 2017? Sign up for our Fresh Meat program!

    Toronto Roller Derby will be starting our next Fresh Meat Program on Sunday August 7th at 1:30pm at the Downsview Bunker. This is a program that will take you from whatever your current level is to being ready to play in games!
    We will be hosting a Meat ‘n Greet at the Bunker on Monday July 18 at 7pm to answer all your questions – it will be in two parts:
    1) a chance to watch derby and have people in the community explain to you how it works, answer any questions you have
    2) a presentation about the program, what to expect and what’s involved – we will also have a vendor on site to answer questions/sell derby gear. You can also send us an email at to find out more about this year’s program!

4 thoughts on “Fresh Meat Starts August 7!

  1. Rita O'Handley

    Why is there no info on 2017 roller derby schedule. Updated calendar as to when tickets will be on sale. I would think that this would be available now that we’re heading into September. I would of liked to purchase tickets as a gift, since there’s nothing showing I won’t be able to do so.

    1. Mr Whistler Post author

      Hi Rita. The season schedule is typically finalized late in the previous year; many factors such as venue availability and competing events impact how our season schedule can be set, and as a result we traditionally announce our next season’s schedule in December. Once it’s finalized we will make announcements on all of our channels. Stay tuned!

  2. Rachel Bennett

    is it still possible to sign up for the next season?? I haven’t done it before but would love to get into it (i swear i’m athletic and not afraid of getting a little roughed up!)!

    1. Mr Whistler Post author

      Hi Rachel. Unfortunately the current Fresh Meat training session has already started. We don’t run concurrent sessions, so the next intake would not start until some point after the current session is completed. To get more information on our Fresh Meat program and to find out when the next intake may be, please contact!


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