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June 11: Battle for the Boot X!

Toronto Roller Derby 2016 Battle for the Boot X

It all comes down to this, our 10th (!) home team championship, Battle for the Boot X! Saturday, June 11th will see the thrilling finale to Season 10, as the regular season champs, the Chicks Ahoy!, take on the second place Gore-Gore Rollergirls for the coveted Boot. In the warmup to the Battle that night, our Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (D-VAS) will be hosting Queens Court of Queen City Roller Girls (Buffalo, NY) at 5pm, and then the Championship game follows at 7. Advance tickets are on sale now on Brown Paper Tickets, and also at our ticket outlets.

How they got here

chicksThe Chicks Ahoy! finished the 2016 regular season in first place, going undefeated in the regular season for first time since 2012 (their last Boot title year). A strong veteran core, led by returnees Biggley Smallz, Joss Wheelin and Rosemary’s Rabies among others, strong transfers from both within (Sleeper Hold) and outside of ToRD (Boxcar, Monster Muffin, Pink Slamminade) and an impressive crop of rookies led by Banshee, have combined to bring the Chicks back to the glory days of old. After suffering an upset to their Battle for the Boot opponents in the Quarterfinals, the Chicks bounced back with a decisive victory over the Death Track Dolls in the Semifinal, and are setting sail for the big game.

goresMeanwhile, The Gore-Gore Rollergirls return, once again, to the Battle For The Boot final, making their 9th appearance out of 10 Battles all time. The Gores second-place finish, due to a defeat at the hands of these same Chicks Ahoy! in the regular season, was avenged by their convincing win over the Chicks in the Quarterfinals, giving them a bye directly to the big game. The Gores are also led by a strong veteran blocking core, including Jill ‘Em All, Santa Muerte, and Viktory Lapp, and a four-headed jammer rotation monster of Beaver Mansbridge, Lexi Con, Murdercat! and WackedHer, and looked dominant in the Quarters. All signs point to one heck of a Battle on June 11.

ToRD History in the Making

chicksBoth of these teams have captured three Boot titles in our history, with the Chicks Ahoy! sporting a 3-2 record in Battles for the Boot, and the Gore-Gore Rollergirls going 3-5 in their previous eight appearances. In fact, over ToRD’s first six seasons, these two teams went head to head in five of the Finals. So, what better way to mark our historic 10th season, than a classic Battle for the Boot matchup? Let’s take a look back at our first nine Battles for the Boot before we write the 10th chapter.

2007, Battle for the Boot I: Gores 89 – Chicks! 53, Rinx Entertainment Centre

chicksThe very first Battle for the Boot happened late in 2007, so late, in fact, that our original home had already laid ice for the winter. No matter – we packed up and headed to North York for the first time, to Rinx. The first Battle was a relatively low-scoring affair, a back and forth battle ultimately captured by the Gore-Gore Rollergirls. Blog TO was there to commemorate the event, and you can read their recap here.

2008, Battle for the Boot II: Chicks! 114 – Gores 97, George Bell Arena

chicksIn 2008 ToRD was able to hold the second Battle for the Boot in our then-home, George Bell Arena. Another see-saw battle, this one featured multiple lead changes, including a late comeback by the eventual winners, the Chicks Ahoy!. In a sign of things to come, mainstream media covered the Final, including this CP24 recap that still exists online.

2009, Battle for the Boot III: Gores 129 – Betties 88, The Hangar

chicksIn mid-summer 2009, Toronto Roller Derby moved to Downsview permanently, first settling in the Hangar. After two seasons of six-team home season play, ToRD consolidated down to four, and for the first time, the Chicks Ahoy! were not in the Final, as they were defeated in the regular season by the second-place Smoke City Betties. The Betties had been on the rise for some time, and after this season concluded underwent a large rebuild, but in 2009 they gave the Gores all they could handle. The Gores survived, however, becoming the first ToRD team with two titles under their belts (which some skaters still wore in those days). Kevin Konnyu’s photos of the event on Flickr start here.

2010, Battle for the Boot IV: Gores 107 – Chicks! 31, The Hangar

chicksIn 2010, again at the Hangar, the Chicks returned to the big game, but the Gore-Gore Rollergirls Dynasty was in full effect. The Gores scored early and often, and didn’t allow the Chicks much breathing room on the track. By 2016 standards, the final score was still incredibly low, but in 2010 it was insurmountable, and the Gores nailed down a throrough victory to claim their then-league-leading third Boot, and in the process became the first ToRD team to win two titles in a row. Joe Mac was there, and in addition to shooting the action, he even wrote this recap which you can find here.

2011, Battle for the Boot V: Chicks! 111 – Gores 46, The Hangar

chicksThe 2011 Final was almost a mirror image of the previous year’s, as once again the Chicks! and Gores met in the final, only this time it was the Chicks! who dominated, and the Gores who were playing catch up all game. Having cruised through the regular season, the Gores earned a bye directly to the Final, but the Chicks! used their own momentum to buoy (ha ha!) themselves to the win, with a points cushion similar to that of the Gores in the previous year. Derby Nerd’s recap of the 2011 event, featuring a collection of photos from various ToRD photographers, can be found here.

2012, Battle for the Boot VI: Chicks! 196 – Gores 56, The Bunker

chicksIn late 2011, ToRD moved across Downsview Park into the Bunker, and 2012 was the year of the Chicks Ahoy!. For the first time – and only time until this season – the Chicks! finished in sole possession of 1st place, having previously tied the Gores for regular season wins on two occasions. 2012 was also historic, as it was the last time until 2016 that this classic Chicks!/Gores matchup occurred in the big game (and 2012 also marked the final call by original ToRD announcer, Crankypants). Much like in 2011, the Chicks dominated, putting up what was then the highest Championship game score in ToRD history, claiming their third Boot, and tying the Gores for the all-time lead. Little did anyone know that it would take until 2016 for one of these two teams to claim their fourth. Derby Nerd’s excellent recap can be found here.

2013, Battle for the Boot VII: Dolls 258 – Betties 73, The Bunker

chicks2013 was a year of big change in ToRD. First, the All-Star CN Power squad saw its members largely leave their home teams, in order to train exclusively for WFTDA action representing ToRD against the world. This power shift (heh) largely affected the previous top dogs, the Chicks! and Gores, the most, and the Dolls and Betties took full advantage. The Dolls were the last remaining home team to make an appearance in the Final, and having finished in last place in 2012, were well re-armed at the draft, and coupled with a strong veteran core, put together their first first-place finish and cruised to the Final. The Betties made their second Boot appearance, but were no match for the Dolls, who topped the year-old points record set by the Chicks!, and set a Boot record that still stands in their first title. Derby Nerd’s recap is here.

2014, Battle for the Boot VIII: Dolls 184 – Gores 139, The Bunker

chicks2014 saw more upheaval on ToRD rosters, as again the top players on the home teams largely left to play exclusively with CN Power. The Dolls, however put up a second consecutive undefeated regular season, and the Gores, after a one-year absence, returned to the Battle for the Boot. The 2014 edition proved to be one of the tightest in years, as the Gores kept it close throughout. In the end, the Dolls won their second straight title, joining the Chicks! and Gores as all having done so. Once again, Derby Nerd provides the recap here.

2015, Battle for the Boot IX: Betties 171 – Gores 140, The Bunker

chicksThey say that the third time’s the charm, but early on it didn’t look like it would happen – in fact, the Gores enjoyed a decent lead well into the second half. But a big pushback by the Betties – a team so long in its history that not only do they predate ToRD itself, but even begat the Gores ahead of the first season – led them to their first-ever title. (Catch the CityNews recap here, and read Derby Nerd’s recap here). With that big win, all four of ToRD’s teams have now claimed the coveted Boot, and while Smoke City won’t get a chance to repeat (after being eliminated by the Dolls in the playoffs) history is still in the offing on June 11, as either the Chicks! or Gores will take their fourth title for all-time supremacy.

2016, Battle for the Boot X: ???

Who knows what will go down on June 11 – will the Chicks! ride the tides of victory, or will the Dynasty re-emerge to take their first Boot since 2010? You don’t want to miss this – get your tickets now! Advance tickets are available for $12 online or at our outlets (group discounts are available when purchasing online only in 4 and 10-packs) or you will be able to buy tickets at the door on game day for $18.

2016 Boot Semifinal April 9!

Toronto Roller Derby 2016 Battle for the Boot Semifinal

On Saturday April 9, the 2016 Toronto Roller Derby Playoffs continue at the Bunker at Downsview Park with the 2016 Battle for the Boot Semifinal, between the Death Track Dolls and the surging Chicks Ahoy!. Game 1 that evening will feature the future of Toronto Roller Derby, the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (D-VAS) hosting the Fresh Meat squad from our neighbours down the way, Hammer City Roller Girls from Hamilton.

Game 1 – D-VAS vs Hammer City

This will be the first D-VAS game of 2016, and you know they are itching to draw first blood, as they take on Hammer City. As Toronto Roller Derby’s newest members, the D-VAS represent the future of ToRD (as Hammer City’s fresh meat represents theirs) and you might be witnessing the emergence of tomorrow’s all-stars! In fact, some members of the Toronto Roller Derby All-Stars who played at Quad City Chaos were on the D-VAS only last year. Don’t miss this chance to see the future of Toronto Roller Derby today!

Game 2 – The Semifinal – Dolls vs Chicks

Then in game 2, the 2016 Battle for the Boot playoffs continue with the Semifinal. The Death Track Dolls finished 3rd in the regular season standings (1-2), and in the 3-4 game of the 2016 Quarterfinals eliminated the 4th-place Smoke City Betties (0-3) to get to this game. Meanwhile, the Chicks Ahoy! finished in first place in the regular season going 3-0, and played the 1-2 game at the March 12 Quarterfinals. There the 2nd-place Gore-Gore Rollergirls (2-1) came out on top; the Chicks however live to fight another day, as they get another shot at advancing in this Semifinal. The loser will be done for the season, but the winner will advance to Battle for the Boot X in June.

What’s next? After the Semifinal, ToRD will be on a short break as we gear up for other events on the road, including Montreal’s Beast of the East. And then June 11, our home season all comes down to this, Battle for the Boot X, our 10th home team championship in this, our 10th season. The Gore-Gore Rollergirls have already qualified for the Battle for the Boot, making their 9th appearance in the big game (they only missed 2013). Who will they be taking on? To find out, be at the Bunker on April 9th for this thrilling Semifinal! Doors open at 4pm. Advance tickets available at our outlets, or on Brown Paper Tickets here. RSVP to the facebook event page for the Semifinal for up to the minute event updates!

The Quadiest, Citiest, Quad City Chaos ever?

Toronto Roller Derby 2016 Quad City Chaos
Last weekend Toronto Roller Derby hosted the 7th edition of Quad City Chaos, an official WFTDA-recognized tournament. The 2016 edition featured:

  • nine games total, the same as 2015
  • the most leagues represented, with six
  • the most WFTDA charter teams, with five in action
  • the most cities represented, with eight (counting the 3 cities of “Tri-City”

Oh, and also amazing roller derby action all weekend long!

The results

Sanctioned Games
This weekend we welcomed back two WFTDA charter teams that have previously featured at Quad City Chaos – Queen City’s Lake Effect Furies (2013), Tri-City Thunder (2011, 2012) – and also welcomed two others to their first. Here’s the results:

Game 1: ToRD All-Stars 21297 RDQ Les Duchesses
Game 2: Queen City Lake Effect Furies 20971 Tri-City Thunder
Game 4: Tri-City Thunder 193139 RDQ Les Duchesses
Game 5: Queen City Lake Effect Furies 25796 ToRD All-Stars
Game 7: RDQ Les Duchesses 189133 Royal City Bruteleggers
Game 9: Tri-City Thunder 207158 ToRD All-Stars

B-team Regulation Games
In B-team action, the Montreal Sexpos returned for the first time since 2014 and cleaned up:

Game 3: Montreal Sexpos 31240 ToRD All-Stars
Game 6: Montreal Sexpos 35840 Queen City Subzero Sirens
Game 8: ToRD All-Stars 34498 Queen City Subzero Sirens


There were incredible options for MVPs for this year’s Quad City Chaos. There were 4 awarded – a blocker and a jammer from the A-team games, and a blocker and a jammer from the B-team games.

A-team MVPs
A-team MVP Jammer: Librawlian, Queen City Lake Effect Furies
A-team MVP Blocker: Annex, Tri-City Thunder
B-team MVPs
B-team MVP Jammer: Banshee, ToRD All-Stars
B-team MVP Blocker: Magnum PEI, Montreal Sexpos

MVPs received gift certificates for Roller Derby Athletics Stride Booster program, courtesy of Roller Derby Athletics, a belt buckle courtesy of Twelve ThirtyFour Skate Co., and gift packages courtesy of DivaCup! Congratulations to all 4 tournament MVPs!


Full recaps of the entire weekend at Quad City Chaos are available at The Derby Nerd (Queen City Cleans Up at QCC 2016) and also on Artvoice (Buffalo’s Lake Effect Furies Win Big At Toronto’s Quad City Chaos Tournament ), the latter contribution by Queen City’s Dylan Powell.

Archived Game Broadcasts

The entire weekend was broadcast on, AND simulcast on All 9 games are being archived in HD on Layer9 here, along with the awarding of the MVPs.

Quad City Chaos! March 19-20 at The Bunker

Toronto Roller Derby 2016 Quad City Chaos

March 19 – 20 at The Bunker

Quad City Chaos is Toronto Roller Derby’s annual (our 7th!) two day tournament featuring multiple WFTDA leagues! The 2016 edition of Quad City Chaos is officially a WFTDA-recognized tournament! This might be your only chance to see your Toronto Roller Derby All-Stars in action at home in 2016, so don’t miss out on this!

5 WFTDA charter teams!

FuriesRDQRoyal City Brute-LeggersTri-City ThunderToronto

3 participating B teams!

  • Montreal Roller Derby – Les Sexpos (Montreal, QC)
  • Queen City Roller Girls – Sub Zero Sirens (Buffalo, NY)
  • Toronto Roller Derby All-Stars (Toronto, ON)
  • A Weekend Full of Derby!

    This year Quad City Chaos expands, with teams from 6 member leagues playing nine games over the weekend: 6 full WFTDA-sanctioned games over the two days, plus three B-team bouts! Stay up to date by RSVP’ing to the Facebook Event listing for QCC!


    10am Game 1 – ToRD All-Stars vs RDQ Les Duchesses
    12pm Game 2 – Tri-City Thunder vs QCRG Lake Effect Furies
    2pm Game 3 – ToRD All-Stars vs Montreal Sexpos (B game)
    Headlining doubleheader:
    5pm Game 4 – Tri-City Thunder vs RDQ Les Duchesses
    7pm Game 5 – ToRD All-Stars vs QCRG Lake Effect Furies

    11am Game 6 – QCRG Sub Zero Sirens vs Montreal Sexpos (B game)
    1pm Game 7 – Royal City Brute-Leggers vs RDQ Les Duchesses
    3pm Game 8 – ToRD All-Stars vs QCRG Sub Zero Sirens (B game)
    5pm Game 9 – Tri-City Thunder vs ToRD All-Stars
    7pm MVP ceremony

    Immediately following the final bout on Sunday, we will be announcing tournament MVPs.


    2016 Quad City Chaos ticket prices:
    You can purchase advance tickets online here for the following options:

      • Single tickets for the Saturday night headline doubleheader only – $12 advance or at our ticket outlets; $18 at the door. Also available in 4-packs and 10-packs! (online only)
      • Day passes for either Saturday or Sunday – $20 at the door only. (Saturday’s day pass includes the doubleheader)
      • Weekend passes for the entire weekend – $30 online or at the door. (includes the doubleheader)

    Advance sales for Quad City Chaos will close at 10pm on Friday March 18!

    2016 Quad City Chaos Announcers

    We always have a great crew of announcers all weekend long at Quad City Chaos, both in-house and on the stream, and this year’s is no exception!
    Toronto: Bill Murray, Derby Nerd, Mr Whistler, Pink Slamminade
    Queen City: Señor Wiener
    Tri-City: Lightning Slim, OBI Serious, Roadside Bombshel
    Royal City: Captain Lou El Bammo
    Peterborough: Jax Blue

    Live Stream

    Can’t be there in person? Try harder! But seriously, for our out-of-town fans and friends, you can watch all nine games live on AND the tournament will be simulcast on! Want to talk to our broadcast announcers? Use the twitter hashtag #talk2QCC, and follow @tordtv on twitter for live updates!

    High Level Officiating Team

    Quad City Chaos offers great exposure and experience for high level skating and non-skating officials every year, typically featuring some of the highest-certified WFTDA officials in North America. We’re excited to announce that for the 2016 edition, the Tournament Head Referee is Parking Lot of the Hammer City Roller Girls (WFTDA-certified Level 3), and the Tournament Head NSO is Samuel Bergus of Old Capitol City Roller Derby (WFTDA-certified Level 3).

    Crew Head Referees for 2016:
    Jules and Regulations, WFTDA Level 3, Tri-City Roller Derby
    Just Mo, WFTDA Level 3, Montreal Roller Derby

    Crew Head NSOs for 2016:
    Funnypack, WFTDA Level 3, Montreal Roller Derby
    Travis Sickle. WFTDA Level 3, Burning River Roller Derby

    Vendors and Sponsors

    Food Vendors:

    Prince Edward’s Fries (Saturday, roughly noon onwards)
    La Novela (Sunday, roughly noon onwards)

    This year’s sponsors include:
    Camp Roller Derby
    Monster Muffin Clothing
    Roller Derby Athletics
    Twelve Thirty Four Skate Co.
    Nerd Roller Skates
    Roller Sports Canada
    Wicked Skatewear
    The DivaCup

    This year’s vendors include
    Both days:
    Twelve Thirty Four Skate Co., Monster Muffin, Rumbling Rage Derby Shop, Brassiere Boutique, Rockin’ Ramzi’s Rockabilly and Pin-Up Emporium, Gentle Force Chain Maille Jewelry, iFly Indoor Skydiving, Adara Collection and Monark Effect.
    Saturday only:

Battle for the Boot X – Quarterfinals, March 12

Toronto Roller Derby 10th season
Our 2016 home team regular season wrapped up on February 20, and now we look ahead to the Battle for the Boot playoffs, which will culminate in Battle for the Boot X in June. Scroll down for a short recap of the regular season-closing doubleheader; first, what’s in store for the Quarterfinals!

This year, the Battle for the Boot Playoffs will follow a traditional Page Playoffs structure. First up, the Quarterfinals on Saturday March 12! In the first game at 5pm, the 3rd place Death Track Dolls face the 4th place Smoke City Betties; the winner will advance to the Semifinal on April 9. In the second game at 7pm, the 1st place Chicks Ahoy! play the 2nd place Gore-Gore Rollergirls; the winner will advance directly to Battle for the Boot X on June 11, while the other team gets a second chance to stay alive in the Semifinal against the winner between the Dolls and Smoke City. Doors open at 4pm, and the first whistle sounds at 5. Tickets are $18 at the door, or $12 in advance at our outlets or online here. There are also discounts when purchasing online tickets when you buy 4 or 10-packs.

Follow the facebook event page for this doubleheader for up-to-the-minute updates on our food vendor(s) and afterparty details for the night.

February 20 recap

February 20 Game 1: Death Track Dolls 224 – Smoke City Betties 132

Toronto Roller Derby March 12 2016

Kil’her at Large looks to get around the Dolls’ Bomber. Photo by Neil Gunner

Both these teams, who combined have captured the last 3 Battle for the Boot championships in a row, were looking for their first victories of the season. Smoke City got on the board first with a strong 10-0 jam by Caume-a-Kazi. On the very next jam, however, Getcha Kicks took advantage of a power jam for the Dolls and put up a 24-0 jam, putting the Dolls up 24-10 after 2 jams. Smoke City got within 2 points, but then another Dolls power jam allowed them to pull away again to 35-22 after 5 jams; halfway through the first half the Dolls lead had grown to 49-37. At points in the first half the Dolls had leads of up to 40 points but were not yet able to pull away; a big 27-4 jam by Caume-a-Kazi kept Smoke City in it going into the half down 101-85. In the second half, the Dolls started to pull away, going 36-4 on the first 5 jams to take a 137-89 lead. As the period went on, Smoke City’s short bench (due to injuries they started the game with only 11 skaters) began to take its toll, as both Jammerhead Shark and Mia Culprit fouled out, and the Dolls sealed the deal with their first victory of the season, claiming 3rd place in the standings.

February 20 Game 2: Chicks Ahoy! 180 – Gore-Gore Rollergirls 168

Toronto Roller Derby March 12 2016

Lexi Con (front) and Banshee (rear) both had huge games. Photo by Neil Gunner

For the first time since 2012, ToRD’s biggest rivals (historically speaking) were going head to head to settle first place over all in the standings, with both holding identical 2-0 records, and similar point differentials, going into the match. And boy did these two teams deliver. A classic battle that went down to the final whistle which had fans in the Bunker on the feet, featuring multiple lead changes in the second half. Why tell you about it when you can see it for yourself? This game was streamed live on with a full broadcast setup, and you can watch the archived footage, featuring Pink Slamminade and Mr Whistler on the call, on here.

And then make your way over to Brown Paper Tickets to pick up your tickets for the Quarterfinals on March 12. With rematches of this most recent doubleheader, you know this is going to be an event you do NOT want to miss!

Final Season 10 Regular Season Matchups

Toronto Roller Derby 10th season
Our home teams jostle for placement in the regular season standings as they get ready for the Battle for the Boot playoffs, which start in March!

After another packed house on the 6th, including another special guest in the form of Donwsview councilor Maria Augimeri (who blew the opening whistle), and two great, tight games to continue the season. We saw the Gore-Gore Rollergirls continue their winning ways with a 183-138 victory over the Death Track Dolls, and then the Chicks Ahoy! won their second straight game, 200-137 over the Smoke City Betties. Torontoist covered the event in their Field Notes section, and we’ll add links to more recaps as they get published!

And now we get ready for the third (and final) home team doubleheader of the regular season. Our next event is on Saturday February 20th at the Bunker in Downsview Park, with the doors opening at 4pm, and the first whistle sounding at 5. Things will kick off with the Death Track Dolls (0-2) and Smoke City Betties (0-2) both looking for their first victories of 2016, and then it 7pm, what better way to celebrate ToRD’s 10th season than with a matchup between our biggest hometeam rivals, historically-speaking, as the Gore-Gore Rollergirls (2-0) and Chicks Ahoy! (2-0) meet to settle first place once and for all, heading into our playoffs in March. Tickets are $18 at the door, or $12 in advance at our outlets or online here. There are also discounts when purchasing online tickets when you buy 4 or 10-packs.

Follow the facebook event page for this doubleheader for up-to-the-minute updates on our food vendor(s) and afterparty details for the night.

Season 10 Continues February 6!

Toronto Roller Derby 10th season
We had an incredible opener on January 23rd, with a packed house, a special guest, and two great, tight games to kick off the season. We saw the Gore-Gore Rollergirls avenge their defeat in the 2015 Battle for the Boot with a 138-119 victory over the Smoke City Betties, and then the Chicks Ahoy! took their first home season victory in nearly 2 years, 134-109 over the Death Track Dolls. (The Derby Nerd has the complete recap here.) So let’s do this all over again, shall we?

Our next event is on Saturday February 6th at the Bunker in Downsview Park, with the doors opening at 4pm, and the first whistle sounding at 5. Our second doubleheader of the season starts with the Death Track Dolls (0-1) playing the Gore-Gore Rollergirls (1-0). Then, at 7pm, it’s the Chicks Ahoy! (1-0) taking on the Smoke City Betties (0-1). Tickets are $18 at the door, or $12 in advance at our outlets or online here. There are also discounts when purchasing online tickets when you buy 4 or 10-packs.

Follow the facebook event page for this doubleheader for up-to-the-minute updates on our food vendor(s) and afterparty details for the night.

And, it’s not too late to get Season Passes for 2016 – save when you’re buying tickets for the entire season! 2016 is going to be special, and we’ll be celebrating our history all year long. Stay tuned for more announcements on some exciting initiatives!