2014 Fresh Meat Program starts March 2nd!

Our trainers are getting ready to start our next round of the Fresh Meat Program on March 2nd! We hope to see you out there!

Last Sunday we held a Meet and Greet and info session at Sugarbomb to answer any questions you might have before you take that first step and sign up. Check out the video below if you missed out.


SUNDAY MARCH 2, 2014, 2– 5pm
Location: The Bunker

Downsview Park
40 Carl Hall Rd, Studio 3
Toronto, ON

Full program details follow below.

Rollerbug.com and Sugarbomb.ca will also be holding a special pop-up shop to fit you with all of your gear and derby needs on February 9th from 11am-2pm at 1 Wiltshire Ave, Unit E. For more details, contact contact@rollerbug.com or info@sugarbomb.ca


Where’s your skate at? Let the Benchmarking Begin!

Take the first step in joining the Toronto Roller Derby 2014 Fresh Meat Program. Before practices begin March 16th, we require that each skater complete a benchmarking test. This helps us shape and customize our training program to your needs and allows our league’s trainers to get to know you better. More importantly, since this might be the first time on skates for some, it will give you a feel for what a typical roller derby practice could be like before you commit to the full program that runs until September.

The Toronto Roller Derby 2014 Fresh Meat Program is welcome to all potential derby skaters or officials aged 19+ who wish to skate in a Men’s or Women’s league.

In the cases where the number of attendees exceeds the number of fresh meat that our league’s trainers can take on, this test will be treated as a tryout.

More About the Test:

The benchmarking test is a modified version of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s Minimum Skills Test. There will be no contact involved in the benchmarking. Benchmarking will identify your current ability and provide you with information on where you presently need more work. The information will also provide trainers with information for planning lessons.

This might sound intimidating, but it really isn’t – we will take in skaters willing to learn at any level.

Cost to Participate in Benchmarking:

$10, payable cash, at entry. You will be asked to sign a waiver at the event or be sent the form to do so in advance for insurance purposes.

Full Fresh Meat Program Costs:

$350: $200 payable at first practice (March 16), $150 at June checkpoint

$50: Canadian Roller Derby Insurance (CRDi) required by March 16. Click here for more info.

Full Gear Required:

Full roller derby gear will be required. All equipment must be in good working order and fit properly.

mouth guard!!
elbow pads
wrist guards
knee pads
Gear can be ordered at least one month in advance through Rollerbug.com.Contact them at contact@rollerbug.com for order cut off dates.

Rollerbug will also be holding a pop-up shop on Sunday Feb 9, 11am-2pm, at Sugarbomb, 1 Wiltshire Ave, Unit E.

We also ask that you bring some masking tape and a marker so that we can tape an assigned number to your helmet on arrival.

Additional Program and League Commitments:

Upon joining the Fresh Meat Program skaters will have to fulfill the following in order to be eligible to join Toronto Roller Derby:

Attendance: skaters must maintain a minimum of 70% attendance. Let’s be honest, you will need to be there as much as possible in order to pass the WFTDA minimums at the end.
League Volunteering: skaters must volunteer for at least 10 hours of league volunteering time in order to complete the program. To find out about volunteering opportunities, contact volunteer@torontorollerderby.com.
Get in touch about volunteering at our upcoming games February 8th or March 1st.

Full Program Training Schedule:

Training runs for 20 sessions, 3 hrs per week, on most Sundays, 2-5 pm. The first set of practices are focused on skating basics, while the next set of practices focus on game play and derby training. Rules are constrantly reviewed throughout.

The following schedule is tentative, subject to blackout dates in our practice space. You will be given as much advance notice as possible should dates change. There is a possibility that this could also extend the duration of the program past the dates below. Benchmarking and testing will also occur throughout the program.

Session # Date
Benchmarking Mar 2
#1 Mar 16
#2 Apr 6
#3 Apr 13
#4 Apr 27
#5 May 4
Review May 11
Interim Evaluation May 25
#6 Jun 1
#7 Jun 8
#8 Jun 15
#9 Jun 22
#10 Jul 6
#11 Jul 13
#12 Jul 20
#13 Jul 27
#14 Aug 10
Game Play Scrimmage Aug 17
Rules Review Aug 24
Review Sep 21
Final Evaluation Sep 28

Still Have More Questions?

Check out the video above, or please contact us at freshmeat@torontorollerderby.com

6 thoughts on “2014 Fresh Meat Program starts March 2nd!

  1. Star Nahwegahbo

    Good evening, I am currently signed up for the March 2nd benchmarking, but have no equipment ,am I able to attend any of the bench markings or do I need to attend all dates that are listed?
    Also, I have absolutely no experience in a roller derby , and little experience with skating, however, I just seen my first roller derby last weekend and fell in love. I wish to explore this, is this the right place for me to start?
    Star Nahwegahbo

    1. ToRD

      All are welcome no matter what the skill level and there is always gear that can be borrowed. We would absolutely love to have you come out and try it! Hopefully you have gotten in touch with the right people off-line now and we look forward to seeing you on the track!

      Derby love!

  2. Speedin

    Just to clarify further, our league does not have a stock of gear and skates that can be rented or borrowed. We highly recommend that you purchase your own stock of gear. However, with enough notice we can reach out to our leaguemates to connect you to those that might have some “spare parts” and would be kind enough to lend it to you to get you through a practice.
    Speedin Hawking
    on behalf of ToRD Skater Intake

    1. Speedin

      Hey Annette, please contact us through freshmeat@torontorollerderby.com to find out more. We have started our program as of March 2, but are accepting a few more latecomers this Sunday the 16th provided they have all of their gear, payments and insurance sorted.
      Speedin Hawking on behalf of ToRD Skater Intake

  3. Diane

    It looks like I’ve missed the deadline for this training session, as I don’t yet have equipment. Will the next set of training occur in the fall?



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