Your 2011 ToRD Skaters!

This past Saturday, ToRD held their annual draft. Check out the new additions to your favorite team!

Chicks Ahoy!
Erica Mojsez
Red Light Roxy
Sienna T
Salwa Dissi
Charge Her
Linda Baca

Death Track Dolls
Katie Langille
Carla Ionescu
Santilly in yo face

Gore Gore Rollergirls
Lori Graystone
Mace O’Kissed
Emma Dilemma
Lulu Cthulu

Smoke City Betties
Misery Mae
Snatch Bandit
Bruise Berry Pie
Mia Culprit

Kirsten Pointe
Sara Fournier
Jada Twist
Debra Reid
Shilo Morton
MC Tammer
Sinead Owens
Sheri Granite
Amanda Geromel
Skinned Knee Crosby
Kelly Omara
Trish Davidson

Stay tuned for your 2011 CN Power roster!

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