Travel Team Updates

Travel team season is in full swing, and our three teams are busy racking up the points!

Last weekend, CN Power and the Bay Street Bruisers traveled to Milwaukee to take on the Brewcity Bruisers. Two hard fought bouts later, both teams would emerge victorious! This was CN Power’s last bout before heading to the D1 Playoffs in Salem, and they showed their strength in a 301 – 98 victory over the Brewcity All Stars. The Bruisers would cruise to a 213 – 105 victory over the Brewcity Battlestars.

Yesterday, Montreal Roller Derby drove up for a visit with their rookie skaters the Smash Squad, and Les Sexpos, their B-team. In the first half, the Smash Squad capitalized on a series of DVAS jammer penalties to gain a significant lead over the DVAS. Not to be outdone, after halftime the DVAS rallied and closed their almost 100-point deficit to within mere points, with an exciting 2-minute last jam that would see the DVAS lose by just two points.

Final Score: Smash Squad 188 – 186 DVAS

With both teams attempting to uphold the glory of their leagues, the Bruisers and the Sexpos packs were furious on the track. The Sexpos opened up an early lead, taking advantage of penalties to get ahead at the start. Regrouping after a time out, the Bruisers pushed back to close the gap and start growing a lead. Points would trade back and forth for the remainder of the game, with the Bruisers slowly growing their point advantage.

Final Score: Bruisers 162 – 101 Sexpos

CN Power is now turning all their efforts to prepping for the the WFTDA D1 playoffs in Salem, OR. You can help them get there. Be sure to turn in to the weekend of September 28th to watch them play.

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