The Quadiest, Citiest, Quad City Chaos ever?

Toronto Roller Derby 2016 Quad City Chaos
Last weekend Toronto Roller Derby hosted the 7th edition of Quad City Chaos, an official WFTDA-recognized tournament. The 2016 edition featured:

  • nine games total, the same as 2015
  • the most leagues represented, with six
  • the most WFTDA charter teams, with five in action
  • the most cities represented, with eight (counting the 3 cities of “Tri-City”

Oh, and also amazing roller derby action all weekend long!

The results

Sanctioned Games
This weekend we welcomed back two WFTDA charter teams that have previously featured at Quad City Chaos – Queen City’s Lake Effect Furies (2013), Tri-City Thunder (2011, 2012) – and also welcomed two others to their first. Here’s the results:

Game 1: ToRD All-Stars 21297 RDQ Les Duchesses
Game 2: Queen City Lake Effect Furies 20971 Tri-City Thunder
Game 4: Tri-City Thunder 193139 RDQ Les Duchesses
Game 5: Queen City Lake Effect Furies 25796 ToRD All-Stars
Game 7: RDQ Les Duchesses 189133 Royal City Bruteleggers
Game 9: Tri-City Thunder 207158 ToRD All-Stars

B-team Regulation Games
In B-team action, the Montreal Sexpos returned for the first time since 2014 and cleaned up:

Game 3: Montreal Sexpos 31240 ToRD All-Stars
Game 6: Montreal Sexpos 35840 Queen City Subzero Sirens
Game 8: ToRD All-Stars 34498 Queen City Subzero Sirens


There were incredible options for MVPs for this year’s Quad City Chaos. There were 4 awarded – a blocker and a jammer from the A-team games, and a blocker and a jammer from the B-team games.

A-team MVPs
A-team MVP Jammer: Librawlian, Queen City Lake Effect Furies
A-team MVP Blocker: Annex, Tri-City Thunder
B-team MVPs
B-team MVP Jammer: Banshee, ToRD All-Stars
B-team MVP Blocker: Magnum PEI, Montreal Sexpos

MVPs received gift certificates for Roller Derby Athletics Stride Booster program, courtesy of Roller Derby Athletics, a belt buckle courtesy of Twelve ThirtyFour Skate Co., and gift packages courtesy of DivaCup! Congratulations to all 4 tournament MVPs!


Full recaps of the entire weekend at Quad City Chaos are available at The Derby Nerd (Queen City Cleans Up at QCC 2016) and also on Artvoice (Buffalo’s Lake Effect Furies Win Big At Toronto’s Quad City Chaos Tournament ), the latter contribution by Queen City’s Dylan Powell.

Archived Game Broadcasts

The entire weekend was broadcast on, AND simulcast on All 9 games are being archived in HD on Layer9 here, along with the awarding of the MVPs.

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