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ToRD + RollerBug = LURVE!

ToRD is extremely pleased to announce that Roller Bug Roller Skate Co. is the official equiptment sponsor of the Toronto Roller Derby League!!! YAYYYY!!!!!

Roller Bug was started in 2005 by Alyson McMullen (Kandy Barr) and has quickly grown to be one of Canada’s best roller skate stores! They currently operate an online store at http://www.rollerbug.com, and will very shortly be opening a physical premesis in the heart of Toronto. Check them out for all your quad skate/accessories needs!!

Hello Toronto Roller Derby Fans!

Let me be the very first to welcome you to our new and thoroughly improved website! Those of you who have been fans from season one know that we’ve gone through a lot of changes in preparation for our second season – we’ve packed in more games, we’ve reorganized our business, we’ve added more talent to our skate rosters, and we’ve formed an inter-league travel team featuring some of the best skaters this league has to offer just to name a few! This website is just one more leap forward for ToRD and we hope you find it both informative and exciting to use!

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