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Fresh Meat Starts August 7!

ToRD Fresh Meat join us rookie skaters

Our 2016 season has come to an end! Want to get in on Season 11 for 2017? Sign up for our Fresh Meat program!

    Toronto Roller Derby will be starting our next Fresh Meat Program on Sunday August 7th at 1:30pm at the Downsview Bunker. This is a program that will take you from whatever your current level is to being ready to play in games!
    We will be hosting a Meat ‘n Greet at the Bunker on Monday July 18 at 7pm to answer all your questions – it will be in two parts:
    1) a chance to watch derby and have people in the community explain to you how it works, answer any questions you have
    2) a presentation about the program, what to expect and what’s involved – we will also have a vendor on site to answer questions/sell derby gear. You can also send us an email at freshmeat@torontorollerderby.com to find out more about this year’s program!

September: ToRD Fresh Meat Intake AND Transfer Test!

COME JOIN US! Toronto Roller Derby is on the lookout for new members, and we want YOU to be a part of our 10th Season in 2016! There are two opportunities for joining the ToRD skating family this September: experienced skaters can take our transfer test, or, for inexperienced folks, sign up for our Fresh Meat program, and we will teach you all the ins and outs of flat track roller derby!

Fresh Meat gets underway September 13

ToRD Fresh Meat join us rookie skaters

Our 20-session Fresh Meat program starts on Sunday September 13th at the Bunker in Downsview Park. Learn the basics and develop your skills with one of the top leagues in Canada so you can put on some skates and be your own hero. For more information about our Fresh Meat Program and what to expect, you can get all the info here: ToRD Fresh Meat. To register, get in touch with us at freshmeat@torontorollerderby.com.

Skater Transfer Test September 26

ToRD transfer test join us experienced skaters

Photo by Neil Gunner

Meanwhile, experienced skaters should mark Saturday September 26 on their calendars. Are you ready for the next level? Did you just move to Toronto? Do you want a new challenge and new buds? We want you! We are running our transfer test on September 26th at 2pm at the Bunker. To take this test, you must have already passed minimums. To sign up, and/or to get more information on the transfer test requirements, contact us at skate@torontorollerderby.com.

Join Toronto Roller Derby – Fresh Meat time!

2015 Toronto Roller Derby fresh meat join

Big news! Fresh Meat at Toronto Roller Derby is HAPPENING and we want you to be there! Want to play? Want to become a referee or non-skating official? Want to be a part of our 10th season in 2016? Come on out!

Join us on Thursday, August 20 at the Bunker to find out what skating with ToRD is all about. This is your opportunity to learn how you can be a part of Toronto Roller Derby and how to get started.

At 7:30, watch a full scrimmage, with officials and skaters around to help you understand the game and answer all of your derby questions! What’s a roller derby? We can show you!

At 8:30, we’ll talk about our Fresh Meat Program, our sessions (which start in mid-September and will run twice weekly through January, with additional skate time thrown in as it becomes available), our volunteer requirements, and you’ll have the opportunity to talk about gear!

Please sign up through the Eventbrite listing here and we’ll see you there!

May 2-4 Training Camp & Team Canada Try-outs

It has been brought to my attention that the following information isn’t very widely circulated… and it’s like, real important and stuff… so keep reading!!

Team Canada will be hosting a roller derby training camp on May 21st and 22nd at the The Hangar, Downsview Park (home of Toronto Roller Derby). East Coast try-outs for Team Canada (for the Blood and Thunder World Cup) will take place on Monday, May 23rd. The try-outs can be attended separately from the training camp, so one is not a requirement for the other. Tickets are on sale for both events right now!

The training camp is open to all insured roller derby skaters who have passed their WFTDA minimum skills test.
The training camp is now open to all insured skaters who have not passed minimum skills! Due to popular demand, we are opening capacity for this camp to skaters who have yet to pass their minimums. Please rate yourself as beginner when you sign up. Separate intermediate/advanced and pre-beginner/beginner classes will be offered for every time slot. All attending skaters must bring their own equiptment (skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet, mouth guard).

Don’t have insurance? No fret! We will be selling CWRDA insurance, good for the remainder of 2011, at the event for $45. If you have recently purchased your CWRDA insurance (like, a week or so ago) but not received your card yet, we will have the most up-to-date list of received applicants available at the door, so you should be on it.

We will be running two tracks – one for intermediate/advanced skaters, and one for fresh meat/beginners!! Try-outs are limited to insured skaters who hold a valid Canadian citizenship. Proof of insurance will be required to be presented upon entry to the camp and try-outs. Coaches who want to attend camp to observe, off-skates, now have the option of registering, as well.

The training camp is $50 per day. The registration fee for try-outs will be $20. Off-skates attendance is $10 per day. The money goes to covering the costs of the training camp, and supporting Team Canada. You can attend one day, both days, only try-outs, any combination! Participation in the training camp is not a requirement for try-outs, and vice versa.

Camp trainers: Coach Pauly (of Team Canada) and Estro Jen.

Try-out testers: Team Canada coaching staff and Estro Jen.

Saturday – Training Camp – 9:30 – 7:30 + possible scrimmage afterwards
Sunday – Training Camp – 9:30 – 7:30
Monday – Team Canada try-outs – 9:30 – TBD

The tentative class schedule may be viewed here.

Inquiries can be sent to: derbywhisperer@gmail.com

UPDATE: You can register and pay for the training camp at our booth at Beast of the East 2011 in Montreal! Save transaction fees!

UPDATE #2: Western Canada tryouts will be happening in Calgary on July 1st – 3rd!

UPDATE #3: Online registration is now closed, but we will be accepting registration at the door in limited quantities.

TO hosts a B&T Training Camp!

What are you doing December 2nd to 5th? Coming to Toronto to attent the Blood and Thunder Roller Derby Training Camp, that’s what!

ToRD is pleased to offer their venue to host the Blood and Thunder Roller Derby Training Camp in December of this year! We’re super psyched for the event, and hope everyone comes and learns mad skillz.

When: Thursday, December 2nd – Sunday, December 5th

Where: Sports Complex at Downsview Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Who: This is just a sampling of some of the amazing coaches that will be passing down their skills:

  • Coach Pauly
  • Quadzilla
  • Coach Smarty
  • Suzy Hotrod
  • Wile. E. Peyote

Don’t recognize the names? Hit up the coaches bio page for the rundown.

Tickets are on sale now! Get ‘em fast before the camp sells out!

For more details stay posted to the official Blood and Thunder website, or contact the camp for more details.