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B&T Bout – Total Awesomeness!

Here are your rosters from the B&T bout:

Georgia W. Tush (40) – MTLRD
Semi-Precious (10K) – RVRG
Soul Rekker (55) – RVRG
Dyna Hurtcha (21) – ToRD
8 Mean Wheeler (18) – Terminal City Rollergirls
Assassinista (AK-47) – RVRG
Brim Stone (21:8) – ToRD
Big Block (454) – RVRG
Mia Culprit (.22) – ToRD
Bambi (33) – ToRD
Sister Disaster (30) -RVRG
BooYaYa! (16) – B.A.D.
Andi Slamburg (E0A) – FCRG
Jemicide (50) – FCRG
Low Ride-Her (99) – NCRG
Brim Stone (218) – ToRD

Commiekaze (27) – FCRG
Mirambo (69) – FCRG
Rainbow Fight (C3PO) – 709 Derby Girls
Mega Bouche (26) – ToRD
LuluDemon (44) – Terminal City RG
Anya Face (234) – FCRG
Newfie Bullet (709) – GTA Rollergirls
Lucid Lou (1234) – ToRD
Tara Part (L7) – ToRD
TamaHawk (77) – FCRG
Hustle Rose (1618) – MTLRD
Surgical Strike (6:58) – RVRG
Mudblood (278) – RVRG
D.D.T. (74) – RVRG

As you can see, these are two teams of AWESOME skaters, and the bout showed off their skills. It started off looking like a blowout, and then turned into one of the best/closest roller derby bouts ever seen at the Hangar!

Final Score: 144 (Black) – 141 (White)

Great job all! Thanks to all the skaters, the fans who came out and were treated to a unique experience, Black Dahlia and Blood and Thunder Magazine for bringing the awesome training camp to our humble home, the refs who keep us in line on the track, and all the volunteers who contributed to the bout and training camp, for making this amazing experience happen!

Bout footage at http://layer9.ca

This Weekend in TO Derby

Option 1: ToRD Encore: B&T Bout

Come to The Hangar Saturday December 4th to watch two teams of all stars from the Toronto Blood and Thunder boot camp face off on the flat track! With skaters participating from all over North America, you’re sure to see new faces and new strategies you haven’t seen before in Toronto.

Option 2: ToRD 2010 Championship on TV
Relive the action December 4th on Rogers TV!! (Cable 10 in Toronto and 63 in Scarborough) Our very own Monichrome, The Derby Nerd and Miss Kitty La Peur will guide you through the bout, bringing you interviews and play-by-play commentary.

Remember to cast your vote for your favorite ToRD skater in the 2010 Fan Choice Award! Polls are open until December 6th.

Dec 4th: Two Many Options!

Option 1: ToRD Encore: B&T Bout
That’s right sports fans, just when you thought the Toronto Roller Derby league season was done for 2010, we’re bringing it back with one last bout! Tickets are on sale now online and in store. Come watch two teams of skaters from across North America battle it out for training camp bragging rights – it’s sure to be a good one! Doors open at 6:30pm.

Option 2: ToRD Championship… ON TV!!!
Missed the Championship and been kicking yourself ever since you found out tickets were completely sold out? Now’s your chance to catch the action from the comfort of your favorite viewing chair! At 8pm on December 4th, Rogers TV (cable channel 10/63) will be airing a broadcast of the Championship bout, complete with commentary and replays by our very own The Derby Nerd and Monichrome! This will be derby as you’ve never before seen it presented in Toronto!

ToRD Encore: B&T Bout!

Ah! You thought Toronto Roller Derby was done for the season, didn’t you? Maybe you missed your last chance to see the sports last Saturday? WELL YOU WERE WRONG!

Saturday, December 4th we will be presenting you the Blood and Thunder training camp All-Stars bout! Come watch as skaters from across North America face off, fresh from learning new skills and strategies. You’ll see some new (and amazing!) faces never before seen at The Hangar, new derby strategies and skating styles.

This will be your last chance to see roller derby live at The Hangar in 2010, so you should totally jump on it. Also, the poster is wicked sweet. Tickets are on sale online now!

More details coming soon!

TO hosts a B&T Training Camp!

What are you doing December 2nd to 5th? Coming to Toronto to attent the Blood and Thunder Roller Derby Training Camp, that’s what!

ToRD is pleased to offer their venue to host the Blood and Thunder Roller Derby Training Camp in December of this year! We’re super psyched for the event, and hope everyone comes and learns mad skillz.

When: Thursday, December 2nd – Sunday, December 5th

Where: Sports Complex at Downsview Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Who: This is just a sampling of some of the amazing coaches that will be passing down their skills:

  • Coach Pauly
  • Quadzilla
  • Coach Smarty
  • Suzy Hotrod
  • Wile. E. Peyote

Don’t recognize the names? Hit up the coaches bio page for the rundown.

Tickets are on sale now! Get ‘em fast before the camp sells out!

For more details stay posted to the official Blood and Thunder website, or contact the camp for more details.