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Vipers and All-Stars March 25

Toronto Roller Derby 10th season
Our first appearances of 2017 for our rookie squad and our All-Stars! In the opening game, the Toronto Vipers are hosting the Belleville Roller Derby Bombshells, of Belleville ON. Then in the headliner, our Toronto Roller Derby All-Stars (WFTDA #99) take on the Roc Stars of Roc City Roller Derby, of Rochester NY (WFTDA #92). Don’t miss the 2017 debuts of many of our skaters! Tickets are $18 at the door, or $12 in advance at our outlets or online here. There are also discounts when purchasing online tickets when you buy 10-packs.

Ticket outlets:

  • Purple Purl – 1162 Queen Street E
  • Rotate This – 186 Ossington Ave
  • Soundscapes – 572 College Street

Follow the facebook event page for this doubleheader for up-to-the-minute updates on our vendors and afterparty details for the night.

The Quadiest, Citiest, Quad City Chaos ever?

Toronto Roller Derby 2016 Quad City Chaos
Last weekend Toronto Roller Derby hosted the 7th edition of Quad City Chaos, an official WFTDA-recognized tournament. The 2016 edition featured:

  • nine games total, the same as 2015
  • the most leagues represented, with six
  • the most WFTDA charter teams, with five in action
  • the most cities represented, with eight (counting the 3 cities of “Tri-City”

Oh, and also amazing roller derby action all weekend long!

The results

Sanctioned Games
This weekend we welcomed back two WFTDA charter teams that have previously featured at Quad City Chaos – Queen City’s Lake Effect Furies (2013), Tri-City Thunder (2011, 2012) – and also welcomed two others to their first. Here’s the results:

Game 1: ToRD All-Stars 21297 RDQ Les Duchesses
Game 2: Queen City Lake Effect Furies 20971 Tri-City Thunder
Game 4: Tri-City Thunder 193139 RDQ Les Duchesses
Game 5: Queen City Lake Effect Furies 25796 ToRD All-Stars
Game 7: RDQ Les Duchesses 189133 Royal City Bruteleggers
Game 9: Tri-City Thunder 207158 ToRD All-Stars

B-team Regulation Games
In B-team action, the Montreal Sexpos returned for the first time since 2014 and cleaned up:

Game 3: Montreal Sexpos 31240 ToRD All-Stars
Game 6: Montreal Sexpos 35840 Queen City Subzero Sirens
Game 8: ToRD All-Stars 34498 Queen City Subzero Sirens


There were incredible options for MVPs for this year’s Quad City Chaos. There were 4 awarded – a blocker and a jammer from the A-team games, and a blocker and a jammer from the B-team games.

A-team MVPs
A-team MVP Jammer: Librawlian, Queen City Lake Effect Furies
A-team MVP Blocker: Annex, Tri-City Thunder
B-team MVPs
B-team MVP Jammer: Banshee, ToRD All-Stars
B-team MVP Blocker: Magnum PEI, Montreal Sexpos

MVPs received gift certificates for Roller Derby Athletics Stride Booster program, courtesy of Roller Derby Athletics, a belt buckle courtesy of Twelve ThirtyFour Skate Co., and gift packages courtesy of DivaCup! Congratulations to all 4 tournament MVPs!


Full recaps of the entire weekend at Quad City Chaos are available at The Derby Nerd (Queen City Cleans Up at QCC 2016) and also on Artvoice (Buffalo’s Lake Effect Furies Win Big At Toronto’s Quad City Chaos Tournament ), the latter contribution by Queen City’s Dylan Powell.

Archived Game Broadcasts

The entire weekend was broadcast on Layer9.ca, AND simulcast on WFTDA.tv. All 9 games are being archived in HD on Layer9 here, along with the awarding of the MVPs.

Quad City Chaos! March 19-20 at The Bunker

Toronto Roller Derby 2016 Quad City Chaos

March 19 – 20 at The Bunker

Quad City Chaos is Toronto Roller Derby’s annual (our 7th!) two day tournament featuring multiple WFTDA leagues! The 2016 edition of Quad City Chaos is officially a WFTDA-recognized tournament! This might be your only chance to see your Toronto Roller Derby All-Stars in action at home in 2016, so don’t miss out on this!

5 WFTDA charter teams!

FuriesRDQRoyal City Brute-LeggersTri-City ThunderToronto

3 participating B teams!

  • Montreal Roller Derby – Les Sexpos (Montreal, QC)
  • Queen City Roller Girls – Sub Zero Sirens (Buffalo, NY)
  • Toronto Roller Derby All-Stars (Toronto, ON)
  • A Weekend Full of Derby!

    This year Quad City Chaos expands, with teams from 6 member leagues playing nine games over the weekend: 6 full WFTDA-sanctioned games over the two days, plus three B-team bouts! Stay up to date by RSVP’ing to the Facebook Event listing for QCC!


    10am Game 1 – ToRD All-Stars vs RDQ Les Duchesses
    12pm Game 2 – Tri-City Thunder vs QCRG Lake Effect Furies
    2pm Game 3 – ToRD All-Stars vs Montreal Sexpos (B game)
    Headlining doubleheader:
    5pm Game 4 – Tri-City Thunder vs RDQ Les Duchesses
    7pm Game 5 – ToRD All-Stars vs QCRG Lake Effect Furies

    11am Game 6 – QCRG Sub Zero Sirens vs Montreal Sexpos (B game)
    1pm Game 7 – Royal City Brute-Leggers vs RDQ Les Duchesses
    3pm Game 8 – ToRD All-Stars vs QCRG Sub Zero Sirens (B game)
    5pm Game 9 – Tri-City Thunder vs ToRD All-Stars
    7pm MVP ceremony

    Immediately following the final bout on Sunday, we will be announcing tournament MVPs.


    2016 Quad City Chaos ticket prices:
    You can purchase advance tickets online here for the following options:

      • Single tickets for the Saturday night headline doubleheader only – $12 advance or at our ticket outlets; $18 at the door. Also available in 4-packs and 10-packs! (online only)
      • Day passes for either Saturday or Sunday – $20 at the door only. (Saturday’s day pass includes the doubleheader)
      • Weekend passes for the entire weekend – $30 online or at the door. (includes the doubleheader)

    Advance sales for Quad City Chaos will close at 10pm on Friday March 18!

    2016 Quad City Chaos Announcers

    We always have a great crew of announcers all weekend long at Quad City Chaos, both in-house and on the stream, and this year’s is no exception!
    Toronto: Bill Murray, Derby Nerd, Mr Whistler, Pink Slamminade
    Queen City: Señor Wiener
    Tri-City: Lightning Slim, OBI Serious, Roadside Bombshel
    Royal City: Captain Lou El Bammo
    Peterborough: Jax Blue

    Live Stream

    Can’t be there in person? Try harder! But seriously, for our out-of-town fans and friends, you can watch all nine games live on layer9.ca AND the tournament will be simulcast on WFTDA.tv! Want to talk to our broadcast announcers? Use the twitter hashtag #talk2QCC, and follow @tordtv on twitter for live updates!

    High Level Officiating Team

    Quad City Chaos offers great exposure and experience for high level skating and non-skating officials every year, typically featuring some of the highest-certified WFTDA officials in North America. We’re excited to announce that for the 2016 edition, the Tournament Head Referee is Parking Lot of the Hammer City Roller Girls (WFTDA-certified Level 3), and the Tournament Head NSO is Samuel Bergus of Old Capitol City Roller Derby (WFTDA-certified Level 3).

    Crew Head Referees for 2016:
    Jules and Regulations, WFTDA Level 3, Tri-City Roller Derby
    Just Mo, WFTDA Level 3, Montreal Roller Derby

    Crew Head NSOs for 2016:
    Funnypack, WFTDA Level 3, Montreal Roller Derby
    Travis Sickle. WFTDA Level 3, Burning River Roller Derby

    Vendors and Sponsors

    Food Vendors:

    Prince Edward’s Fries (Saturday, roughly noon onwards)
    La Novela (Sunday, roughly noon onwards)

    This year’s sponsors include:
    Camp Roller Derby
    Monster Muffin Clothing
    Roller Derby Athletics
    Twelve Thirty Four Skate Co.
    Nerd Roller Skates
    Roller Sports Canada
    Wicked Skatewear
    The DivaCup

    This year’s vendors include
    Both days:
    Twelve Thirty Four Skate Co., Monster Muffin, Rumbling Rage Derby Shop, Brassiere Boutique, Rockin’ Ramzi’s Rockabilly and Pin-Up Emporium, Gentle Force Chain Maille Jewelry, iFly Indoor Skydiving, Adara Collection and Monark Effect.
    Saturday only:

Quad City Chaos 2016 Officiating Application Open!

Toronto Roller Derby 2016 Quad City Chaos

March 19 – 20 at The Bunker

Quad City Chaos is Toronto Roller Derby’s annual (our 7th!) two-day tournament featuring four WFTDA leagues! (teams to be announced)


Quad City Chaos offers great exposure and experience for high level skating and non-skating officials every year, typically featuring some of the highest-certified WFTDA officials in North America. We’re excited to announce that for the 2016 edition, the Tournament Head Referee is Parking Lot of the Hammer City Roller Girls (WFTDA-certified Level 3), and the Tournament Head NSO is Samuel Bergus of Old Capitol City Roller Derby (WFTDA-certified Level 3).

We are now accepting applications for referees and NSOs. All interested officials should fill out this application by December 27, 2015.

We are also seeking a WFTDA Games Tournament Oversight Officer (GTO) for the tournament, interested persons can email officials@torontorollerderby.com

Smoke City Betties win historic first Boot title

9th Battle for the Boot

Photo by Neil Gunner

During the opening game on Saturday June 6 you could hear a pin drop at the Bunker. That wasn’t solely due to the riveting Toronto All-Stars game that preceded the Battle for the Boot; unexpectedly, and with the worst possible timing, the sound system at the Bunker crashed and left us in silence. After determining it could not simply be restarted, our sound crew raced out to secure a replacement board, and with minutes to spare before the big game kicked off, we were back in business.

It didn’t stay quiet in the Bunker for long.

The Gore-Gore Rollergirls jumped out to an early lead, and in the early going it was all Gores all the time, as they never trailed in the first half, and went to the break with an 89-67 lead. Every time the Betties closed the gap, the Gores would follow that up with similar points on the following jam, and it looked like a 4th Boot (which would have given the Gores the all-time lead) was in store for the team with the spots.

The second half started off much like the first, and at one point the Gores led by as much as 30 points. The crowd, however, was electric – possibly boosted by a surprise appearance at the start of the second half by retired ToRD announcer Crankypants, who exhorted the crowd to Get Louder; not that they needed the advice. Every jam had the crowd on its feet and screaming at the top of their lungs, as if to make up for the relative quiet of the earlier game. With roughly ten minutes left in the game, the Betties had brought the score to within 3 points, and a timeout was called. On the ensuing jam, the Betties took advantage of a power jam and Smoka Cola put up 18 big roller derby points for the Betties’ first lead of the game, a lead they would not relinquish. The Gores fought them all the way to the final seconds, but in the end it was the Betties who came out on top, completing their long run through the playoffs with a thrilling come-from-behind victory, 171-140, and the first-ever Boot title for the Smoke Show.


9th Battle for the Boot MVPs

Photo by Mr Whistler

Immediately after the big game and the presentation of the Boot, continuing in the grand tradition of derby, the teams awarded MVPS to each other. Here were the big winners:

  • Gores MVP blocker: Jill ‘Em All
  • Gores MVP Jammer: Beaver Mansbridge
  • Betties MVP Blocker: Honey Boom Boom
  • Betties MVP Jammer: Smoka Cola


The Derby Nerd had his writeup of the big game here, with all the details.

Our friends from CityNews were on hand, and we present their recap here, which includes a quick post-game interview with the Betties’ titmouse and the Gores’ Santa Muerte:


As usual, the ToRD photographers were out in full force. Here are photo galleries that have come in so far (more will be added as they get posted):
Neil Gunner’s photo set may be found here.
Greg Russell’s photo set may be found here.
George Pelekis’ (aka TO Derby) photo set may be found here.

Broadcast and footage

Mr Force has his trackside footage available for viewing on Layer9.ca here. Make sure you look under “TORD 2015 videos”.

For the full experience, you’ll want to look for re-broadcasts of the Battle for the Boot (and the All-Star game that preceded it) on Rogers TV. Featuring multiple camera angles, instant replay, and play-by-play and analysis by Derby Nerd and Monichrome, Rogers TV puts on a high-level production that you don’t want to miss! The premiere airdates for the Rogers broadcasts are as follows:

Rogers Sports+ Channel 368/369 HD
Friday June 12 4:00pm (All-Star game) and 5:30pm (Battle for the Boot)

Toronto Rogers TV Channel 10/510
Saturday June 13 8:00pm (All-Star game) and 9:30pm (Battle for the Boot)

The Rogers TV broadcasts are not available online, so make sure you check your Rogers TV listings for future airdates!