Roller Derby World Cup countdown

In two weeks, Toronto Roller Derby will be welcoming the first ever Roller Derby World Cup to its home for four days of world-class tournament, the likes of which has never been seen before. We’ve been working hard to put this together with Blood and Thunder, who had the inspiring idea.

13 teams, four days, one championship.

Featuring the best of the best from:
Argentina All-Stars Roller Derby
Team Australia
Brasil Roller Derby
Team Canada
Team England
Team Finland Roller Derby
Roller Derby France
Roller Derby Germany
All Ireland Roller Derby
New Zealand Roller Derby
Team Scotland Roller Derby
Team Sweden Roller Derby
Team USA Roller Derby

December 1st to 4th, The Bunker, Downsview Park. For more details, including where to buy tickets and the schedule, visit the Roller Derby World Cup website, or check them out on Facebook.

We are super proud of our very own Brim Stone, who plays on the Gore Gore Rollergirls and CN Power, now captaining Team Canada!

UPDATE: Find out who is playing who in the preliminary rounds of the World Cup TODAY at 5pm EST: watch here.

UPDATE #2: So, it turns out I can’t count. BIG apologies to Team England who I left off the above list.

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