QCC T-Shirt design contest!


Toronto Roller Derby presents our first-ever t-shirt design contest! We want YOU to design a t-shirt for our upcoming Quad City Chaos; a weekend-long, four town, roller derby showdown.

Submit your design to tord.merch@gmail.com and if we like it, and our fans like it, we’ll use it as the official QCC t-shirt!


  1. Must say “Quad City Chaos”
  2. Must say “Toronto Roller Derby” (logo optional)
  3. No more than 3 colours
  4. Must be family friendly

QCC runs March 22-24. The cities participating are Toronto (ToRD), Ottawa (RCRG), Buffalo (QCRG), and Columbus (ORG).

Final date for submissions is January 31st, 2013.

For information on past Quad City Chaos tournaments, click here.

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