October 2016 MVP of the Month – WENCER!


Photo by Neil Gunner

Wencer is a tour de force. You can find him, before every bout, tearing around the Bunker making sure that the sound system is set up, the announcers have what they need, the 50/50 draw is underway, and the tv broadcast is ready to go. When he isn’t adding colourful commentary to the Rogers broadcast, Wencer is rocking mics for tournaments big and small — from WFTDA sanctioned events like ECDX to the Fresh and Furious. Not only is he a great ambassador for our league, he helps foster new announcing talent that helps improves fan experience and build understanding of our sport.

But Wencer’s commitment to derby goes well beyond announcing and event duties. He is one of the co-heads of TORD’s PR committee and the driving force behind much of our social media. Wencer’s attention to detail and strategic thinking have helped our league as we continue to build an online presence and develop our audiences.

Wencer, you are the comma that completes our sentence. We cloud not do this without you.

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