March 2017 MVPs of the Month – Penny and Samir!

Penny Whistler and Samiracle

Penny Whistler and Samiracle – photos by Neil Gunner

This month’s MVP shout out goes to this dynamic duo in stripes, without whom we literally could not do this: Penny Whistler and Samiracle!

Their tireless efforts ensure that ToRD has full ref crews for each of our games and this is no small feat! Did you know that roller derby games rely on crews of 7 skating officials (plus an alernate) watching pack play for penalties and points with double that number of non-skating officials managing the penalty box, tracking lines, and keeping score? Together, Penny and Samir have not only been refereeing derby games for many many years, but also work to recruit, train, and organize Toronto’s on and off skate officials.

This reffing dream team not only coordinates officiating efforts at home but represent our league at tournaments abroad. These two are often called on to work ref crews at the highest levels. Last year alone, Samir refereed the WFTDA Division 2 tournament in Wichita, plus the Division 1 Playoffs in Vancouver and Montreal, where he was joined by Penny. Penny was additionally invited to Beijing (!!!) for the International HeForShe Roller Derby Invitational sponsored by UN Women China, where she officiated the very first public roller derby game in China. Both Penny and Samir are recognized internationally in the community for their incredible commitment to the sport and it is our turn to recognize them for all that they do to keep us safe on the track.

Please join us in recognizing these incredible volunteers, Penny Whistler and Samiracle!

Interested in joining Penny, Samir and the rest of our officiating crew, either on skates or off? Contact for more information!

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