July 2016 MVP of the Month – MORTON!

MVP of the Month

Toronto Roller Derby is 100% volunteer-run. That means that everything from training to outreach to event planning is made possible by the efforts of our league members.

Every month, we recognize one member of the ToRD community for their extraordinary contributions to the league. Because there are many aspects to building and promoting a derby league, MVPs are recognized for lots of different reasons. But they all share one key attribute: they are the ones that take on the big, messy, and tough jobs. And we could not play the sport that we love without their help. Help us celebrate and thank Toronto Roller Derby’s MVPs!

July 2016 MVP of the Month – MORTON!

Emily Morton #47

When something needs to get done, Morton makes it happen! Not only did she co-lead our WFTDA-Recognized Tournament Quad City Chaos in March 2016, but even before the start of this year’s season, Morton ensured that we had not one, but two!, successful home team drafts (and draft parties)! The home team draft is a core activity so that we can continue to successfully grow our teams and talent… and now she is gearing up to make it happen all over again this year!

That’s not all folks. Morton is an active member of our league’s Board of Directors and her love of the sport and league really shines through when she offers and completes updates to important league policies. She is a person of a thousand ideas! In addition to all of this, Morton not only skates with our home team SCB but she is also rocking things on the All-Stars team this year! An injury may have her recovering off-skates right now, but we are all looking forward to her being back on track and delivering the pounding hits she does so well! Thanks Em!

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