Holiday sale – save on 2012 tickets!

2012 Toronto Roller Derby tickets make a great holiday gift for the derby lover (or, future derby lover) in your life! Tickets to the following bouts are now on sale:

04/FEB – DVAS vs. DVAS AND Gore Gore Rollergirls vs. Chicks Ahoy
03/MAR – Death Track Dolls vs. Smoke City Betties AND CN Power vs. Roc City
14/APR – Gore Gore Rollergirls vs. Death Track Dolls AND CN Power vs QCRG
12/MAY – Chicks Ahoy vs. Smoke City Betties
09/JUN – Smoke City Betties vs. Gore Gore Rollergirls AND Chicks Ahoy vs. Death Track Dolls

For the individual bouts, you can buy single tickets, or our newly available 4-packs and 10-packs if you’re coming in a group! The best value of course is our season tickets, which get you into all of the above bouts, PLUS the semi-finals on August 25th, and discount admission to CN Power bouts, QCC, and Clam Slam.

BUT WAIT! Festive tidings and gift-giving got your bank account running a little dry? Buy before January 7th and use promo code XMAS2011 to save on all tickets and season passes!

Take me to buy a seasons pass!

Individual bout tickets are the way I roll.

Tickets are currently only available for purchase online. Tickets to our season opener on February 4th will be in stores in mid-January. For more information on tickets, hit up the Tickets page.

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