Gores and TJRD take first victories of the year

Roller derby at the Bunker! This past Saturday Toronto Roller Derby and Toronto Junior Roller Derby kicked off their 2014 season.

First up was one of ToRD’s historical rivals, the Chicks Ahoy and the Gore Gore Rollergirls. These two teams have traded the Boot back and forth for most of ToRD’s history, and you could feel the tight competition in the air. It was a close game, with the lead traded back and forth several times in the first periods. Hips, shoulders and penalties were thrown around like nobody’s business as each team tried to pull ahead of the other, but the game stayed close through to the end.

Final score: Gore Gore Rollergirls 218 – 157 Chicks Ahoy!

Toronto Roller Derby’s opponents were Alliston Junior Roller Derby. Although junior roller derby features skaters 9 – 18, it ain’t no roller derby lite; the rules and game play are almost exactly the same as their older counterparts. The teams from both leagues hit the track hard, with points trading back and forth early in the game, until TJRD began to pull ahead, and maintained that lead throughout the second half.

Final score: TJRD 236 – 82 AJRD

All photographs courtesy Neil Gunner

Our next game is February 8th, when CN Power takes on Team Ontario. Say what? Tickets are on sale now in stores and online.

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