Dolls Repeat as Battle for the Boot Champions

On Saturday October 18, The Death Track Dolls took home the Boot for the second year in a row, with a 184-139 victory over The Gore-Gore Rollergirls, in a game that went down to the wire.


The game was a tight one all the way from beginning to end, as the Dolls scored the first 4 points of the game, and after a couple of scoreless jams, the Gores tied and then took the lead. It took the Dolls a couple of jams to tie themselves, and then retake the lead on a power jam. The Gores would tie the score a couple of times during the first half, but could never get back in the plus column, and at halftime the score was 95-65 for the Dolls. In the second half, the Gores would get as close as 19 points away, but no closer, while the Dolls weren’t able to pull away completely. After widening the lead a bit, the Gores were working on closing the gap in the dying minutes, and the clock ran out before they could get any closer. An amazing game from both sides, with both rookies and retiring skaters (more on that below) stepping up to leave it all on the flat track. The Bunker was rockin;, and you certainly want to catch the broadcast of this game on Rogers TV Toronto when it airs soon. Immediately following the game, MVPs for both teams were chosen by their opponents:

  • Gore-Gore Rollergirls: Kandy Barr (Blocker), Beaver Mansbridge (Jammer)
  • Death Track Dolls: Robotomy (Blocker), Bellefast (Jammer)

In the opening game of the doubleheader, the Smoke City Betties defeated the visiting Strking Vikings of Renegade Derby Dames (Alliston, ON) 237-167.


Back row (L to R): Chevy ChaseHer, Roadside BombShel, Speedin Hawking, R.I. Pink, Audrey Hellborn, Rebel RockIt, Betty Bomber, Dusty. Front Row: (L to R): Motorhead Molly, Candy Crossbones, Kandy Barr.

Immediately before The Battle for the Boot, we gave tribute to this year’s retiring skaters. Thank you all for all of your contributions to Toronto Roller Derby. Some of you have been with us since the very beginning, and leave behind big skates to fill. You will all be missed!

Here’s the list of this year’s retiring skaters, not all of whom were able to be at the Bunker on Saturday. Listed by the year in which they joined Toronto Roller Derby.
2013: Motorhead Molly (CN Power)
2012: Chevy Chase-Her (Chicks Ahoy!, Bay Street Bruisers),
Chicken Sluggets (Death Track Dolls)
2011: Doris Doomsday (Chicks Ahoy!),
Roadside BombShel (Chicks Ahoy!)
2009: Speedin Hawking (Death Track Dolls, Bay Street Bruisers),
R.I. Pink (Gore-Gore Rollergirls)
2007: Audrey Hellborn (Death Track Dolls, Bay Street Bruisers)
2006: Hoff (Chicks Ahoy!, Bay Street Bruisers, and CN Power),
Rebel Rock-It (Chicks Ahoy!, CN Power),
Betty Bomber (Death Track Dolls, CN Power),
Candy Crossbones (Chicks Ahoy!, CN Power),
Dyna Hurtcha (Smoke City Betties, Chicks Ahoy!, CN Power),
Dusty (Gore-Gore Rollergirls, CN Power),
Demolition Dawn (Smoke City Betties, Death Track Dolls, CN Power),
Kandy Barr (Gore-Gore Rollergirls, Bay Street Bruisers).


This concludes the 2014 Toronto Roller Derby Season. Stay tuned for news about year-end awards, the upcoming draft, and the 2015 season!

Want to see the Battle for the Boot again? Or missed it the first time? (How could you!) You can watch the broadcast of the game on Rogers TV Toronto on Saturday October 25 at 8pm! The coverage includes instant replay, post-game interviews and play by play and commentary by Derby Nerd and Monichrome. Check that link for news on any further re-broadcasts. You can also watch Mr Force’s trackside footage (raw footage, no commentary) of the game on

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