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Registration is NOW OPEN for Clam Slam 2014!

Clam Slam 2014

Clam Slam is back for its sixth year thanks to Toronto Roller Derby and our friends at GTA Rollergirls!  The below is from Vag Lightning, one of this year’s Clam Slam organizers, with a message on the important date change and announcing our affiliation with World Pride 2014!!


HI! Vag Lightning here.

I have some exciting news for you. You may have looked at the schedule and noticed that Clam Slam, which is a WorldPride affiliate event between ToRD and GTAR, was scheduled for June 27th. Well, that is no longer the case. For the past few years Clam Slam has taken place on the Friday of Pride Weekend allowing ToRD to participate in the Dyke March on Saturday and the Pride Parade on Sunday. The problem here is that this date conflicts with the Trans March and this is a conflict that we recognize as not being okay or supportive. With this in mind we have moved the all-queer roller derby bout to Thursday, June 26th.

The fact of the matter is that ToRD feels like a family and it’s a family that is supportive, encouraging, and honouring – not divisive. Clam Slam is a demonstration of that and it is an event that shines a light on the athletes that are often pushed to the fringes of standard organized sports. We stand in support and solidarity with all of our athletes and we will no longer have skaters choosing between a bout and their politics.

It’s 2014. It’s WorldPride. We’ll see you at Clam Slam on the 26th. We’ll see you at the Trans March on the 27th, The Dyke March on the 28th, and in the Parade on the 29th.

Raised fists and Rad Hugs,
Vag Lightning




2014 Fresh Meat Program Is Open Again! Intake 2 Starts June 1

Feelin’ the #FOMO because you missed the March intake for our 2014 Fresh Meat Program? Well have no fear, we’re opening up a second intake for our Fresh Meat Program with Benchmarking starting June 1st and practices starting June 8th.

SUNDAY JUNE 1, 2014, 2– 5pm
Location: The Bunker
Downsview Park
40 Carl Hall Rd, Studio 3
Toronto, ON


Our own Renny Rumble from Rumbling Rage Derby Shop will be at the Bunker on Sunday May 25th from 2-5 pm to answer any gear questions you might have or help you with sizing your skate order. Pro-tip:  It’s best to order as far in advance as you can.

Please see the full program details below.

Any further questions? Please contact us at . You can also check out this video from our winter Meat n Greet:

Want to see our latest Fresh Meat graduates in action?  Make sure to attend our next bout on May 10th.  Tickets available HERE

Event Details

NOTICE: You will need full gear and skates in order to participate.

Where’s your skate at? Let the Benchmarking Begin!

Take the first step in joining the Toronto Roller Derby 2014 Fresh Meat Program. Before practices begin June 8th, we require that each skater complete a benchmarking test on June 1st. This helps us shape and customize our training program to your needs and allows our league’s trainers to get to know you better. More importantly, since this might be the first time on skates for some, it will give you a feel for what a typical roller derby practice could be like before you commit to the full program that runs until November.

The Toronto Roller Derby 2014 Fresh Meat Program is open to all potential derby skaters or officials 18+ who wish to skate in a Men’s or Women’s league.

Did You Already Do This on March 2?

Since this will be our second Fresh Meat intake this year, if you already attended the benchmarking in March, you do not have to repeat it again, and can jump into the first practice on June 8th. Please register here so that we know when to expect you.

Is there a cost to participate in the Benchmarking?

$10, payable cash, at entry. You will be asked to sign a waiver at the event or be sent the form to do so in advance for insurance purposes. If you know you are going to continue on with derby, you can also go ahead and sign up for your full insurance with CRDi.

What does the full Fresh Meat program cost?

$350: $200 payable at first practice (June 8), $150 at mid-term checkpoint

$50: Canadian Roller Derby Insurance (CRDi) required by June 8. This is a separate organization and payable to CRDi online. Toronto Roller Derby will not accept your insurance payment.

Full Gear Required!

Full roller derby gear will be required. All equipment must be in good working order and fit properly.

•   helmet
•   mouth guard!!
•   elbow pads
•   wrist guards
•   knee pads
•   skates

We also ask that you bring some masking tape and a marker so that we can tape an assigned number to your helmet on arrival.

Where to Buy Gear:

You can purchase gear online from our own Renny Rumble’s Rumbling Rage Derby Shop: or visit the shop in Barrie.

FITTING ON SUNDAY, MAY 25th, from 2-5 PM. Renny will also be at the Bunker at Downsview on Sunday May 25th for anyone who wants to be fitted or to answer any additional gear questions you might have.

Where else? You can also try:
•   My Roll Life (1714 Queen St West, Toronto):
•   Twelve Thirty Four Skate Co. (Peterborough):

More About the Test

The benchmarking test is a modified version of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s Minimum Skills Test. There will be no contact involved in the benchmarking. Benchmarking will identify your current ability and provide you with information on where you presently need more work. The information will also provide trainers with information for planning lessons.  This might sound intimidating, but it really isn’t – we will take in skaters willing to learn at any level.

Additional Program and League Commitments

Upon joining the Fresh Meat Program skaters will have to fulfill the following in order to be eligible to join Toronto Roller Derby:

•   Attendance: skaters must maintain a minimum of 70% attendance. Let’s be honest, you will need to be there as much as possible in order to pass the WFTDA minimums at the end.
•   League Volunteering: skaters must volunteer for at least 10 hours of league volunteering time in order to complete the program. To find out about volunteering opportunities, contact
•   Get in touch about volunteering at our upcoming games May 10th or May 24th.

Full Program Training Schedule:
Training runs for 20 sessions, 3 hrs per week, on most Sundays, 2-5 pm. We are blacked out of our venue from time to time, so will try to give you as much notice as possible. There is a possibility that this could also extend the duration of the program past the dates below. Benchmarking and testing will also occur throughout the program.

The first set of practices are focused on skating basics, while the next set of practices focus on game play and derby training. Rules are constantly reviewed throughout.

Program Schedule:
Jun 1     Benchmarking
Jun 8     #1
Jun 15   #2
Jul 6      #3
Jul 13    #4
Jul 20    #5
Jul 27    Review
Aug 10  Interim Evaluation
Aug 17  #6
Aug 24  #7
Sep 7    #8
Sep 14  #9
Sep 21  #10
Oct 5     #11
Oct 19   #12
Oct 26   #13
Nov 2    #14
Nov 9    Game Play Scrimmage
Nov 16  Rules Review
Nov 23  Review
Nov 30  Final Evaluation

Still Have Questions?  Please contact us at

New WFTDA Rules to debut April 5th

On March 1, 2014 WFTDA released revisions to the WFTDA Rules for Flat Track Derby.  The new rules, voted on by the skaters within WFTDA leagues, are in effect as of April 1, 2014.  Meaning, this weekend’s double header will be the first time ToRD skaters will bout under the March 1, 2014 rule set.  We caught up with ToRD Head Referee, Parking Lot, to get his input on the new rules debuting April 5th at The Bunker.


Q:  Can you give us a little background on why the WFTDA decided to implement a new rule set?

A:  The WFTDA is a player run sport and very young when compared to other sports. For this reason the sport is constantly evolving and growing. The first WFTDA rule set was released in January of 2006. Since then we are on our 10th revision. This has been solely driven by the players. They have a rules committee that writes what the players vote to change and then the entire WFTDA votes to accept these. For a look back at previous rule sets you can go here:

Q: What are the top three most noticeable rule changes?

 A:  Top three from a fan perspective: 30-second penalties, clarifying the star pass and false starts.

Q:  What kind of impact do you think this will have on how the game is played?

A:  The new rules have tweaked a lot of things all with keeping the game going in mind. 30-second penalties mean people are on the track faster after being penalized. The Star Pass becomes clearer now as when the helmet cover is passed to the pivot they are now the jammer and can start playing right away. The false start no longer makes a person stand still on the track while everyone else does a lap or they skate around backwards.

Q:  What has the referee crew been doing to prepare for this change?

A:  The Officials, on skates and off have been studying these rules for a few months, as the players have been developing and voting on them. The WFTDA has a great resource for the officials to talk at a global scale to ensure that every one is calling the rules the way they are designed. We have been talking, testing, and practicing with these. The teams are very supportive in having us out to their practices so that we can be ready on game day.

Q:  How do you think the shorter penalties will impact skaters, if at all?

 This definitely speeds up the game and closes the potential for large 20 – 30 point power jams. Power jams do still happen and are just as exciting but there is half the time for the team on the track to use this advantage. The shorter penalties also lower the chance that you will end up with 3 blockers in the box at the same time leaving someone alone on the track trying to play against 4 people.

Looking for all the details?  Want to brush up on your rules knowledge before April 5th?  Head to: for a complete summary of all the changes.  Want to stay in the loop of all the event details (as well as rules details) head to our event page.  Have questions while watching the bout on April 5th?  Please talk to us on twitter @TOROLLERDERBY or use #TOderby!


This weekend: QUAD CITY CHAOS!

That’s right, it’s finally here, the 2014 edition of Quad City Chaos!

March 22- 23 at The Bunker

Quad City Chaos 2014 is Toronto Roller Derby’s 5th annual WFTDA-sanctioned tournament featuring four WFTDA Division 1 teams: Toronto’s CN Power All-Stars, Ohio Roller Girls, Montreal New Skids on the Block, and Bleeding Heartland Flatliners.

  • ohio
  • montreal
  • bleeding heartland

8 bouts go Saturday and Sunday for this high-caliber roller derby event at The Bunker! Doors open at 9:00 am on Saturday, and 10:00 am on Sunday. Day passes will be sold at the door – $20 Saturday, $10 Sunday, and we are also selling special advance tickets to Saturday night’s epic doubleheader, featuring Ohio vs Bleeding Heartland, and Toronto vs Montreal. Advance tickets are available on Brown Paper Tickets, or at one of the following ticket outlets:

  • My Roll Life – 1714 Queen Street W
  • Purple Purl – 1162 Queen Street E
  • Rotate This – 801 Queen Street W
  • Soundscapes – 572 College Street
  • True North Climbing Inc. – 75 Carl Hall Rd, Unit 14

For the full schedule, including a full list of confirmed on-site vendors, hit up the Quad City Chaos page for all the details! See you on Saturday!

Coming up: QCC 2014!


March 22- 23 at The Bunker

Quad City Chaos 2014 is Toronto Roller Derby’s 5th annual WFTDA-sanctioned tournament featuring four WFTDA Division 1 teams: Toronto’s CN Power All-Stars, Ohio Roller Girls, Montreal New Skids on the Block, and Bleeding Heartland Flatliners.

  • ohio
  • montreal
  • bleeding heartland
Saturday night headlining double header:

5pm – Ohio (#22) vs Bleeding Heartland (#42)
7pm – Montreal (#17) vs Toronto (#29)
Beer sales!! Food trucks!! Get tickets to the headliner bouts on Brown Paper Tickets, or at one of the following ticket outlets:

  • My Roll Life – 1714 Queen Street W
  • Purple Purl – 1162 Queen Street E
  • Rotate This – 801 Queen Street W
  • Soundscapes – 572 College Street
  • True North Climbing Inc. – 75 Carl Hall Rd, Unit 14
A Weekend Full of Derby!

Want in on all the action? Choose either one or two days of action-packed days of derby! It’s $20 for 5 bouts on Saturday, including two headlining bouts, and $10 for three more bouts on Sunday. Day passes available at the door!


Saturday March 22, 2014:
10am – Ohio vs Montreal Skids
12pm – CN Power vs Bleeding Heartland
2pm – Bay St Bruisers vs Ohio B-Team
4pm – *break* (aka when beer starts flowing)
5pm – Ohio vs Bleeding Heartland
7pm – CN Power vs Montreal Skids

Sunday March 23, 2014:
11am – Bay St Bruisers vs Montreal Sexpos
1pm – Montreal Skids vs Bleeding Heartland
3pm – CN Power vs Ohio

Immediately following the final bout on Sunday, we will be announcing MVPs for all 7 participating teams

8 announcers all weekend!

From ToRD: Mr Whistler, Bill Murray, Derby Nerd, Monichrome
From Montreal: Plastik Patrik, “Single Malt” Scott Mac Iver
From Ohio: Inspector Muffin
From Bleeding Heartland: Dick Smack

High Level Officiating Team

Of the 21 skating officials, 18 are certified by the WFTDA (two Level 4, six Level 3, ten Level 2). There will also be the largest collection of Certified NSOs ever assembled for a tournament in Canada.
Tournament Head Referee, WFTDA Level 4 – Matt S. Faction (Tri-City)
Tournament Head NSO, WFTDA Level 4 – Silken Tofu (Bleeding Heartland)
Crew Head Referee , WFTDA Level 4 – Code Adam (Chicago Outfit)
Crew Head Referee, WFTDA Level 4 – Jon Dilks (Philly)
Crew Head Referee, WFTDA Level 3 – David Feck’em (Burning River)

Vendors and Sponsors

This year’s vendors include:

  • Twelve Thirty Four Skate Co will have a booth, and all weekend long jammers will be lining up at the Twelve Thirty Four Skate Co Jammer Line
  • Jackson Skates – will be at there all weekend, and is providing MVP awards for the B Teams at QCC
  • Neon Skates
  • Rumbling Rage Derby Shop – skates, clothing, gear and more, also contributing to MVP awards
  • Team Canada – gearing up for the 2014 Women’s Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas in December (note that nearly half of the 2014 roster will be competing at this year’s QCC)
  • – “Canada’s Rollerskate Store!”
  • Jack In The Socks – colourful and exciting socks for all occasions (Saturday only)
  • The Sauce Shack – specialty hot sauces ranging from mild to painful (Saturday only)
  • Monster Muffin – uniforms and derby attire (Saturday only)
  • Sugar Rush Baked Goods – Home-made baked treats & sweets made from scratch using ethically-sourced, organic and high quality ingredients. (Saturday night only)
  • Inspiration Vintage – fun, flirty panties, crinolines, and other handmade retro-inspired pieces (Sunday only)

In addition to our on-site vendors, 2014 Quad City Chaos sponsors include:

  • Radar Wheels, who is providing MVP awards for this year’s tournament
  • ToRD league sponsor, co-operative sex shop Come As You Are, is providing fun things for gift bags for our visiting tournament participants
  • Sugarbomb – custom derby apparel, uniforms, armbands, accessories and more. Skaters will be visiting the Sugarbomb Penalty Box this weekend at QCC!
  • Wicked Skatewear
  • Nerd Roller Skates

Want to be a QCC vendor or sponsor? Email or

Saturday March 1 Doubleheader

This past Saturday The Bunker was packed for our first all-home team doubleheader of the 2014 season, as the Chicks Ahoy! took on the Smoke City Betties, and the Gore-Gore Rollergirls faced the 2013 defending champion Death Track Dolls. After playing each other in the season opener in January, it was the second game of the season for both the Chicks and the Gores (who won that first battle), and the 2014 debut for the Dolls and Betties.

Chicks Ahoy! (0-1) vs Smoke City Betties (0-0)

Having lost a hard-fought battle to the Gores in the opener, the Chicks were looking to build on that momentum and came out strong against the Betties. Early on the team in green produced stifling defence, keeping the Betties off the board for the first few jams. But the Betties fought back, and the gap in points ebbed and flowed, with the Chicks still holding a 17 point advantage at halftime.

The second half featured some amazing runs by both teams that had the joint rocking, as the Chicks’ lead again fluctuated. By the midway point in the second the Betties had actually taken the lead, and it started to look as though their comeback would be complete. In the end, penalties became a problem for black-and-blue, as the lead changes swung back to the Chicks’ favour, who took home their first victory of the season, 159 – 139.

Death Track Dolls (0-0) vs Gore-Gore Rollergirls (1-0)

The second bout of the evening featured the season debut of the Death Track Dolls against the Gore-Gore Rollergirls, who were looking to build on their season-opening victory over the Chicks. Early on, the Gores put up a few consecutive short and sweet jams, a 4 and 0, a one-and-done, and it looked as though they would be content to gradually build up points. But something clicked for the Dolls about 5 jams in, and they started to take over. After some penalty problems for the Gores, the Dolls took and kept the lead, a lead in fact they didn’t relinquish. By halftime, the Dolls had a 111-39 point lead.

In the second half, the Gores came out refreshed and determined, and indeed, reined in the Dolls offense considerably. However, the Doll defense was solid, and the Gores could not break through and make up the difference. Taking advantage of power jams when presented with them, and not taking a single jammer penalty of their own, the Dolls, with the help of a strong cohort of newcomers, kept up the pressure and locked up the win, 172-79.

The next home team action at The Bunker will take place on April 5, with the Smoke City Betties (0-1) playing the Death Track Dolls (1-0). Tickets for that event are available now.

Coming up next for Toronto Roller Derby, it’s the 5th annual Quad City Chaos tournament, March 22 and 23! This year’s visiting leagues are Ohio, Bleeding Heartland and Montreal Roller Derby. Visit the QCC page for all the details about what’s happening this year, and stay tuned for even more exciting QCC details!

Saturday! CN Power! Team Ontario!

So, this is happening:

On Saturday February 8th ToRD presents, not just the first CN Power game of the year, but the first Team Ontario bout! Come watch the best our province has to offer face off against the best your city has to offer, right here at the Bunker. Riding high on their performance at WFTDA D1 playoffs last year, CN Power is determined to continue their streak of awesome into 2014. Here’s a reminder of what that looked like:

All footage from Photos from Jules Doyle and Donalee Eiri photography by D.E.sign. Edited by Wheels of Misfortune. Music by Drake “Started from the bottom”.

Note: new doors/game time for single headers.
GAME 6pm

Tickets are available online and in stores now! Note to season pass holders: this game is not included in your seasons pass, however you receive a discounted entry of $12 a the door when you present your pass, or you may use your “bonus” entry for this game. Quad pass holders, your pass entries are valid for this game.

The after party will be hosted by the delightful Cardinal Rule, located at 5 Roncesvalles Avenue (at Queen St) in Toronto.

Fill your weekend with more derby! The Bay Street Bruisers will be away at the B Cup Tournament, hosted by the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls this weekend. You can watch the stream live on DNN starting at 8am. The Bruisers first game is at 11:30am against the Nashville Rollergirls B-team!