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Holiday sale – save on 2012 tickets!

2012 Toronto Roller Derby tickets make a great holiday gift for the derby lover (or, future derby lover) in your life! Tickets to the following bouts are now on sale:

04/FEB – DVAS vs. DVAS AND Gore Gore Rollergirls vs. Chicks Ahoy
03/MAR – Death Track Dolls vs. Smoke City Betties AND CN Power vs. Roc City
14/APR – Gore Gore Rollergirls vs. Death Track Dolls AND CN Power vs QCRG
12/MAY – Chicks Ahoy vs. Smoke City Betties
09/JUN – Smoke City Betties vs. Gore Gore Rollergirls AND Chicks Ahoy vs. Death Track Dolls

For the individual bouts, you can buy single tickets, or our newly available 4-packs and 10-packs if you’re coming in a group! The best value of course is our season tickets, which get you into all of the above bouts, PLUS the semi-finals on August 25th, and discount admission to CN Power bouts, QCC, and Clam Slam.

BUT WAIT! Festive tidings and gift-giving got your bank account running a little dry? Buy before January 7th and use promo code XMAS2011 to save on all tickets and season passes!

Take me to buy a seasons pass!

Individual bout tickets are the way I roll.

Tickets are currently only available for purchase online. Tickets to our season opener on February 4th will be in stores in mid-January. For more information on tickets, hit up the Tickets page.

CN Power closes out 2011

This past weekend CN Power travelled into the USA to play back-to-back bouts. On Saturday they travelled to Indianapolis to challenge the Naptown Roller Girls, currently ranked 3rd in the North Central region (ToRD’s region). They skated away with a loss, but put up a pretty good fight ending the bout down 67 to Naptown’s 266 points. It might look like a large point spread, but given the skill and experience of their opponents it shows that CN Power is well on their way to shaking up the division.
Check out some photos from the bout

On Sunday CN Power visited the Derby City Rollergirls of Louisville, Kentucky for their 2nd bout of the weekend. Derby City is currently ranked 20th in the North Central region. The skaters in pink were on fire as they laid waste to the Derby City skaters, winning that bout 295 – 28, and hopefully putting themselves on the ranking chart. They’ve been working hard in the last half of this year to put Toronto on the roller derby map!

Thus closes out the 2011 season for our travel team, and shortly ToRD will be going on a break to enjoy the merriment of the holidays.

USA win first ever Roller Derby World Cup!

WOW! What a tournament that was! From Thursday through Sunday last week, people from all over the world filled The Bunker to watch 13 countries battle for the coveted title of World Champions.

In an impressive final bout that looked much closer than the score would indicate, Team USA beat Team Canada to take home the gold at the first ever Roller Derby World Cup with a 336 – 33 victory. Team England beat Team Australia to take home the bronze. Below are the final rankings and MVPs:

1 – USA
2 – Canada
3 – England
4 – Australia
5 – Finland
6 – Sweden
7 – France
8 – New Zealand
9 – Germany
10 – Ireland
11 – Scotland
12 – Brazil
13 – Argentina

Argentina: SargenTina
Australia: Short Stop
Brazil: Nana
Canada: Iron Wench
England: Kamikaze Kitten
Finland: Kata Strofi
France: Francie Pants
Germany: Heavy Rotation
Ireland: Zola Blood
New Zealand: Skate the Muss
Scotland: Marla Mayhem
Sweden: Swede Hurt
USA: Joy Collision
Tournament MVP: Smack Daddy of Team Canada

For a full list of all the bouts and their results visit the Roller Derby World Cup Wikipedia page – thank you to everyone who put this together!

Pictures to follow shortly – or if you can’t wait that long, check out this photoset by the National Post: Photoset: Inaugural roller derby world cup in Toronto’s Downsview hangar.

Media roundup! For more details of what went down this weekend, including photos and videos, check out the coverage listed below. This list is ever growing so stop by daily for more highlights and interviews with your favorite skaters!

05-Dec-11 – CityTV News: Video: Roller Derby World Cup final
05-Dec-11 – TÊTU: Les Américaines remportent la première Coupe du monde de roller derby
05-Dec-11 – Openfile: MorningFile: Falling for leaves, Mississauga does its own Watefront, Canada takes silver at roller derby
05-Dec-11 – Denver Westwood: Team USA flattens World: Top five verbs from the Roller Derby World Cup
05-Dec-11 – Cincinnati Roller Derby Examiner: Team USA wins the inagural Blood and Thunder World Cup
05-Dec-11 – Toronto Roller Derby hosts the first World Cup
05-Dec-11 – Casper-Star Tribune: Tremble before America’s Roller Derby dominance
04-Dec-11 – Toronto Star: Canada Cruises inot Roller Derby Semifinals
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04-Dec-11 – CBC: U.S. pummels Canada to win roller derby title
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03-Dec-11 – AFP: French team suits up for ‘le roller-derby’ world cup
03-Dec-11 – National Post: The toughest of the tough roll out for first Roller Derby World Cup
03-Dec-11 – CTV: Toronto hosts first-ever Roller Derby World Cup
03-Dec-11 – CTV: Toronto hosts first-ever Roller Derby World Cup
02-Dec-11 – Toronto Star: Canadian women send French flying 224-17 at Roller Derby World Cup
02-Dec-11 – National Post: Graphic: How does Roller Derby actually work?
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02-Dec-11 – Regina-Leader Post: Maiden Sane ready for World Cup
02-Dec-11 – : New Zealand`s Haka
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01-Dec-11 – Gotham Girls Roller Derby Examiner: Focus is the Key – Team USA’s Fisti Cuffs on the World Cup
01-Dec-11 – Gotham Girls Roller Derby Examiner: From Rio to NYC and Back Again – Brazilian Nut Readies for Her First World Cup
01-Dec-11 – Torontoist: Giving Roller Derby A Sporting Chance
01-Dec-11 – Chicago Sun-Times: Hot Corner: 2 Chicago women in World Cup for roller derby
01-Dec-11 – Fife Today: Kirkcaldy woman’s roller derby alter-ego
01-Dec-11 – McGill Reporter: Meet Jessica Paternostro, aka Jess Bandit
01-Dec-11 – Rockin’ the Roller Derby World Cup
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01-Dec-11 – Toronto hosts roller derby World Cup
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01-Dec-11 – Austin Chronicle: World Wide Texas Derby
01-Dec-11 – Proud FM:
30-Nov-11 – Openfile: Meet Kayla Wilkins, Team Canada’s “second death” of roller derby
30-Nov-11 – National Post: Photos: 2011 Roller Derby World Cup practice session
30-Nov-11 – NOW Toronto: We be jammin’
29-Nov-11 – Macau Daily Times: Blood and fury as Australia eyes roller Cup
29-Nov-11 – Bleacher Report: How to Follow the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup
28-Nov-11 – The West Australian: Blood and fury as Australia eyes roller Cup
28-Nov-11 – Guide 2 Bristol: My Bristol Life: Roller Derby International The Blizzard aka Tuisku Sarrala
28-Nov-11 – Cape Gazette: Nations unite for Roller Derby World Cup
27-Nov-11 – Casper-Star Tribune: Passion for roller derby leads Casper woman to World Cup team
27-Nov-11 – The Independent: Roller Derby: Rollers who are rocking the world of women
26-Nov-11 – Birmingham Mail: Moseley woman gets England call-up for Roller Derby World Cup
26-Nov-11 – Toronto Star: The inaugural World Cup of women’s roller derby sparks Olympic hopes
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21-Nov-11 – Annenberg Digital News: Roller Derby: Cute Nickname, Tough Attitude
20-Nov-11 – The Metro: British first roller derby clubs get practising in bid to win world cup
17-Nov-11 – West Island Chronicle : Jess Bandit takes on the “roll” of captain
16-Nov-11 – Perthshire Advertiser : Jill gets her skates on for Canada call-up
11-Nov-11 – ESPN: Roller derby makes names part of the game
CBC: The inaugural Roller Derby World Cup kicks off in Toronto’s Downsview Park arena

World Cup is on!!


Roller girls (and guys, and refs, NSOs, announcers, photographers, support staff and fans) have been flying into Toronto over the past week to get settled in and ready to kick off the first ever roller derby world cup TOMORROW in Toronto. This event marks the culmination of months of prep work by us, and we’re super excited to see it all go down.

For more info, check out the following links:
Homepage: Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup
Preliminary schedule
Where? In Toronto at The Bunker, home of Toronto Roller Derby.
Are there tickets left? Perhaps for Thursday & Friday, check here to purchase
Interested in volunteering? There may still be some volunteer positions available.
I totally can’t make it, is there boutcasting? There sure is, thanks to the great folks at DNN. Watch the action by clicking here.

If you’re coming to the cup and taking the shuttle buses (see the RDWC home page for more info), check hashtag #wcrdbus for the latest updates on buses – where they are, on schedule, late, etc. Tweet this info while you’re on the bus so others know too!

CN Power Bests the Vixens

Last weekend CN Power traveled to Ottawa to challenge the Rideau Valley Vixens on their home turf. This is the third time the two teams will have met in the past two years (Feb 2010 & QCC 2011), but the first time CN Power would travel to Ottawa. CN Power emerged the stronger team at both of the prior meetings, and history was to repeat itself as they once again dominated the track during the bout.

Final score:195 CNP – 69 RVV

Watch the bout on CanuckDerbyTV

Roller Derby World Cup countdown

In two weeks, Toronto Roller Derby will be welcoming the first ever Roller Derby World Cup to its home for four days of world-class tournament, the likes of which has never been seen before. We’ve been working hard to put this together with Blood and Thunder, who had the inspiring idea.

13 teams, four days, one championship.

Featuring the best of the best from:
Argentina All-Stars Roller Derby
Team Australia
Brasil Roller Derby
Team Canada
Team England
Team Finland Roller Derby
Roller Derby France
Roller Derby Germany
All Ireland Roller Derby
New Zealand Roller Derby
Team Scotland Roller Derby
Team Sweden Roller Derby
Team USA Roller Derby

December 1st to 4th, The Bunker, Downsview Park. For more details, including where to buy tickets and the schedule, visit the Roller Derby World Cup website, or check them out on Facebook.

We are super proud of our very own Brim Stone, who plays on the Gore Gore Rollergirls and CN Power, now captaining Team Canada!

UPDATE: Find out who is playing who in the preliminary rounds of the World Cup TODAY at 5pm EST: watch here.

UPDATE #2: So, it turns out I can’t count. BIG apologies to Team England who I left off the above list.