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This Weekend in TO Derby

Option 1: ToRD Encore: B&T Bout

Come to The Hangar Saturday December 4th to watch two teams of all stars from the Toronto Blood and Thunder boot camp face off on the flat track! With skaters participating from all over North America, you’re sure to see new faces and new strategies you haven’t seen before in Toronto.

Option 2: ToRD 2010 Championship on TV
Relive the action December 4th on Rogers TV!! (Cable 10 in Toronto and 63 in Scarborough) Our very own Monichrome, The Derby Nerd and Miss Kitty La Peur will guide you through the bout, bringing you interviews and play-by-play commentary.

Remember to cast your vote for your favorite ToRD skater in the 2010 Fan Choice Award! Polls are open until December 6th.

Dec 4th: Two Many Options!

Option 1: ToRD Encore: B&T Bout
That’s right sports fans, just when you thought the Toronto Roller Derby league season was done for 2010, we’re bringing it back with one last bout! Tickets are on sale now online and in store. Come watch two teams of skaters from across North America battle it out for training camp bragging rights – it’s sure to be a good one! Doors open at 6:30pm.

Option 2: ToRD Championship… ON TV!!!
Missed the Championship and been kicking yourself ever since you found out tickets were completely sold out? Now’s your chance to catch the action from the comfort of your favorite viewing chair! At 8pm on December 4th, Rogers TV (cable channel 10/63) will be airing a broadcast of the Championship bout, complete with commentary and replays by our very own The Derby Nerd and Monichrome! This will be derby as you’ve never before seen it presented in Toronto!

ToRD Encore: B&T Bout!

Ah! You thought Toronto Roller Derby was done for the season, didn’t you? Maybe you missed your last chance to see the sports last Saturday? WELL YOU WERE WRONG!

Saturday, December 4th we will be presenting you the Blood and Thunder training camp All-Stars bout! Come watch as skaters from across North America face off, fresh from learning new skills and strategies. You’ll see some new (and amazing!) faces never before seen at The Hangar, new derby strategies and skating styles.

This will be your last chance to see roller derby live at The Hangar in 2010, so you should totally jump on it. Also, the poster is wicked sweet. Tickets are on sale online now!

More details coming soon!

Gores Keep the Boot

It was a sold out house at The Hangar last night, as crowds took their seats to watch the 2009 Champions the Gore Gore Rollergirls battle the 2008 Champions the Chicks Ahoy!

It was everything you could hope to have in a championship bout. Both teams were really giving it their all, trading hits every second they were on the tracks. The score was tight throughout the first period, neither team letting the other get an advantage. The Gores were ahead 36 – 10 at the half.

The low score and small point differential speaks to how well these teams were matched for the bout of bouts in 2010. Both teams employed some new strategies they took home from the WFTDA Regionals and Nationals, to great success. The Gores managed to hold and grow their lead throughout the second half, employing excellent blocking techniques to keep the Chicks jammer trapped in the pack.

Final Score: 107 – 31 Gore Gore Rollergirls

Congratulations to both the Chicks Ahoy and the Gore Gore Rollergirls for an EXCELLENT bout!

Super bummed you miss it, or want to see it again? Well, you can! Relive the action December 4th on Rogers TV!! (Cable 10 in Toronto and 63 in Scarborough) Our very own Monichrome, The Derby Nerd and Miss Kitty La Peur will guide you through the bout, bringing you interviews and play-by-play commentary.

Skater Profile: Junkie Jenny

Photo credit: Derek Lang

Why did you pick your derby name/number? 37 is because of Kevin Smith’s movie ‘Clerks’. Kevin Smith nerds will know what it means. Junkie Jenny In Gaytown is a Butthole Surfers b-side. Dust Bunny picked it for me in a rush at the last minute saying that I could just change it later if I didn`t like it. But I never changed it and then it kinda stuck. I`ve thought about changing it over the years, cleaning it up a bit, but never got around to it. You wouldn`t believe how awkward it is at the emergency room in a leopard bathing suit and with Junkie on the back of your shirt!

Where are you from (if not Toronto)? I’m so from Toronto. I’m the kind of person that other Canadians are complaining about when they say that they hate those Toronto assholes!

What is your occupation outside of derby? Customer service for a charity.

What league committees are you actively a part of? BoD (prez), Interleague, ConRes, Locations (head)

What other sports have you played? No sports background

When did you start roller skating? I had those metal clip on ones when I was a kid. Then I had figure skate style white ones when I was a bit older. My mom used to get mad at me for ruining the paint on the stairs by going up and down the stairs in my skates and would have to force me to take them off in the house.

Injuries? Tore my MCL in 2008 championship. Currently having an issue with my sacroiliac joint in my pelvis (hopefully it won`t be a problem on game day! Don`t tell the Chicks!)

What specific skills have you been working on leading up to this bout? This is my first season pivoting (eeee!)

Do you have any game day rituals that you follow before every bout? A lot of pooping, and grouchiness.

What are you expecting to see from the opposing team and how will you play off that? I`m expecting hard hitting from the Chicks. I`m just going to try to keep them of my jammer.

Championship – SOLD OUT!

Dear ToRD fans – WE LOVE YOU! Thanks for guaranteeing the championship is going to be AWESOME!

But no matter how much we love you, you will not be getting into Saturday’s championship bout Chicks Ahoy! vs. Gore Gore Rollergirls unless you have a ticket.


Please do NOT show up on Saturday unless you have a ticket. We are full full at capacity and cannot let anyone else in. It would really suck to travel all the way to Downsview for nothing, so don’t do it! Fortunately, we thought ahead – the ToRD Championship bout will be broadcast December 4th on Rogers TV!! (Cable 10 in Toronto and 63 in Scarborough)

For those with tickets, congrats!! Please try to arrive early as the lines to get in will be long. We’ve done our best to ensure a quick and seamless entry into the bout for the 1000+ fans in attendance, so just be patient – you will get in!

Still reading? Kinda bummed? Don’t worry! This is NOT the last opportunity you will have this year to watch your favorite ToRD skaters in action! Stay tuned for detailed about the exciting Blood And Thunder bout we will be hosting in early December! More deets coming VERY SOON! Tickets on sale Monday!