B&T Bout – Total Awesomeness!

Here are your rosters from the B&T bout:

Georgia W. Tush (40) – MTLRD
Semi-Precious (10K) – RVRG
Soul Rekker (55) – RVRG
Dyna Hurtcha (21) – ToRD
8 Mean Wheeler (18) – Terminal City Rollergirls
Assassinista (AK-47) – RVRG
Brim Stone (21:8) – ToRD
Big Block (454) – RVRG
Mia Culprit (.22) – ToRD
Bambi (33) – ToRD
Sister Disaster (30) -RVRG
BooYaYa! (16) – B.A.D.
Andi Slamburg (E0A) – FCRG
Jemicide (50) – FCRG
Low Ride-Her (99) – NCRG
Brim Stone (218) – ToRD

Commiekaze (27) – FCRG
Mirambo (69) – FCRG
Rainbow Fight (C3PO) – 709 Derby Girls
Mega Bouche (26) – ToRD
LuluDemon (44) – Terminal City RG
Anya Face (234) – FCRG
Newfie Bullet (709) – GTA Rollergirls
Lucid Lou (1234) – ToRD
Tara Part (L7) – ToRD
TamaHawk (77) – FCRG
Hustle Rose (1618) – MTLRD
Surgical Strike (6:58) – RVRG
Mudblood (278) – RVRG
D.D.T. (74) – RVRG

As you can see, these are two teams of AWESOME skaters, and the bout showed off their skills. It started off looking like a blowout, and then turned into one of the best/closest roller derby bouts ever seen at the Hangar!

Final Score: 144 (Black) – 141 (White)

Great job all! Thanks to all the skaters, the fans who came out and were treated to a unique experience, Black Dahlia and Blood and Thunder Magazine for bringing the awesome training camp to our humble home, the refs who keep us in line on the track, and all the volunteers who contributed to the bout and training camp, for making this amazing experience happen!

Bout footage at http://layer9.ca

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