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January 2017 MVP of the Month – Babushkill

BabushkillShe may be small but she’s MIGHTY – on and off the track! Affectionately nicknamed Babs, she stepped into a co-lead role on our Sponsorship Committee during our off season and, along with her co-lead Mina Von Tease, is working up some amazing new partnerships and sponsorships deals. Together they also lead an awesome team of sponsorship reps who are integral in helping us fund our league!

Babs should be renamed Babushkillin’ it!!! because she has seriously been a rock star over the past few months! She took the initiative to secure Toronto Roller Derby’s first TTC ads (check em out!), while simultaneously stepping up as our interim Vendor Manager to ensure that we have some great businesses and fun stuff to fill our vendor alley come our home opener (January 21st!!). Leave it to a teacher, mother, crafter, DERBY PLAYER, to really get stuff done! We¬†<3 you!

November 2016 MVP of the Month – Juggernaut J

juggernaut j

Photo by Ashlea Wessel

This months MVP is Juggernaut J! Not only is she a staple on our SCB home team, but she has also been a HUGE support in this year’s off season. Juggs, as she’s affectionately known, worked tirelessly to plan and run our fresh meat program, giving our newest members an amazing start to their derby careers!

This job meant scheduling the trainers, organizing the Meat n Greet event for first timers, making practice goes smoothly, handling any and all feedback or questions from our Freshies, and she could even been seen on the Fresh Meat track offering some training herself! It is a GIANT job and our Juggernaut was more then successful. Also, let’s not forget that infectious smile! :D