August 2016 MVPs of the Month – The Gs!

August 2016 MVPs of the Month – The Gs!

GOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo Forces!!! This dynamic duo is a no brainer for our August MVP(s) of the Month! G and Mr. Force are an integral part of our derby community and have been for years. They are part of the heart of league and do so much to help us keep going and growing!

G-Force has her hand in so many areas of the league we can’t even list all the things she does… but we’ll try! G has been a mainstay for Front of House for the last few seasons. You will also see her at every bout helping out or rocking her booth in our vendor alley selling her amazing chain maille jewelry. G even sold our merch at the Men’s World Cup in Calgary this year! She is the voice of reason during league conversations and she will also be the one to join you for a beer afterwards. Lastly, and this does not get as much attention as it should, is the incredible support G gives to the D-VAS, our newest ToRD members, year after year. She welcomes, she teaches, she makes friends. In short, we ♥ her.

Mr. Force is awesome in his own right. We’re pretty sure the entire league knows of his magical technical and video powers. He is there for every ToRD game, whether it be our bouts, tournaments, away games and tournaments hosted by other leagues, Roll Out or even some of our scrimmages. Mr. Force is a big reason why we as a league and as skaters are able to be better. The footage he shoots helps us in soooo many ways. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience saved in his archives which helps us devise strategies, learn what we need to improve on and see the progress we have made. What is even more amazing is that he makes this all accessible to us and our family, friends, and fans of the derby community. We also love watching his videos to hear Mr. Force just off-camera yelling encouragements “GOOOOOOOOOOOO D-VAS!!”.

Together these two make an amazing pair and one the league would truly be remiss without – WE LOVE YOU FORCES!!

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