All-Time Rosters

2007 ToRd family

2007 ToRD family photo by Art Czyzyk

Going back to the first public games in the Spring of 2007, hundreds of skaters have been a part of Toronto Roller Derby. We are proud to bring them all together in one place, to recognize and remember all the people who helped make ToRD what it is today, from the first skaters, referees and volunteers who got it started, to our rookies, home teams and all-stars, the entire family of the present day. Our alumni are extremely important to us, and part of the ToRD fabric – browse these pages and come face to face with ToRD history.

Coming soon: we’re also working on a presentation of the pre-2007 era, the genesis of what became Toronto Roller Derby. Stay tuned!

Got a correction? While we’ve endeavored to make these rosters as accurate as possible, there may very well be things that need correction – if you find any errors or can supply any missing information, let us know!

Home Teams

Travel Teams

Officials and announcers