2016 Home Team Draft – part 1

On Sunday, August 16, Toronto Roller Derby held the first stage of the annual draft to replenish home team rosters. This draft announcement coincides with announcements of skaters who have transfered from one home team to another, as the decks get shuffled in advance of Season 10 in 2016. After the dust settled, here’s the newest members of our home teams:

Francesca Fiuré
Transfer skater: Sleeper Hold

Battering Ma’am
Ellen Rage
Holly Rocket
Transfer skater: Babushkill

Ginger Snapper
Jonah Kill
The Lavender Menace
Transfer skater: WackedHer

Booty Quake
Mia Culprit*
Noodle Kaboodle
Transfer skater: Extermiknitter

* – skater returning to former home team from CN Power; home team is obliged to use their 1st draft pick to reclaim that skater if they so choose.

Our 10th (!) Season doesn’t start until January 2016, but with part 1 of the home team draft out of the way, our home teams now have ample time to gel with their new teammates and rosters during the off season. There’s still plenty of things going on in the interim, though: Thursday August 20 is the Fresh Meat N Greet up at the Bunker, an opportunity for those interested in joining Toronto Roller Derby as skaters and officials to find out what it’s all about, in anticipation of our Fresh Meat program starting up this fall. Who knows – maybe next year YOUR name will be on this list!

And of course, this October, our All-Stars CN Power, are heading to Division 1 playoffs for the 3rd year running. Check out this post for all the details!

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