2015 End of Season Award Winners Announced

On Friday July 3, Toronto Roller Derby held its annual End of Season Awards night, where we recognized the best of what Toronto Roller Derby has to offer, both on and off the track. Here are the 2015 winners:

Skating Awards
Best Jammer – Sleeper Hold (Death Track Dolls)
Best Pivot – Honey Boom Boom (Smoke City Betties)
Best Blocker – Biggley Smallz (Chicks Ahoy!)
Double Threat – Beaver Mansbridge (Gore-Gore Rollergirls)
Rookie of the Year – Pr’Editor (Death Track Dolls)
Most Outstanding Newcomer – Smoka Cola (Smoke City Betties)
Most Improved Skater – Lowblowpoloza (Smoke City Betties)

ToRD Culture Awards
Best Boutfit – TIE: Murdercat! and WackedHer
Encore Award – Jill ‘em all
Most Help off the Track – Android W.K.
Tordie of the Year – Mazel Tough
Heart of Gold – The Derby Nerd
Downright Awesome Award – Honey Boom Boom

Most awards are voted upon by ToRD members, to recognize their peers for their performances both on and off the track, and are geared mostly towards recognizing members for their contributions to our home team season. Best Jammer is based on statistics from the 2015 Season. Best Blocker and Best Pivot are fairly self-explanatory. Double Threat recognizes a skater who excels at both Blocking and Jamming, and Most Improved Skater recognizes a skater who has shown a noticeable growth and improvement in their play, leadership and skating. Rookie of the Year and Best Newcomer are similar, with an important distinction: Rookie of the Year recognizes the best new skater who developed first and foremost as a ToRD member, and had not previously played for another full contact derby organization, while Best Newcomer recognizes a new skater who has transferred from another full contact league (Smoka Cola transferred to ToRD for 2015 from Misfit Militia in Alliston, Ontario).

Most Help Off the Track goes to a skater who contributes strongly to the league behind the scenes. As a member of the Marketing and Bout Committees, Android W.K. has been a valuable contributor, helping coordinate our public events, all in addition to being a valued member of CN Power. The Encore Award (“winning the afterparty”) and Best Boutfit Awards are awards that represent the fun side of Toronto Roller Derby.

The Downright Awesome Award this season goes to Honey Boom Boom, of the Smoke City Betties and the Bay Street Bruisers. The Downright Awesome Award, named for its first recipient in 2009 (“Downright Dirty” Dawson) recognizes someone who makes a positive change in ToRD culture. This is also a pay-it-forward award, with each year’s recipient picking the winner the following year.  Mr Force had this to say about this year’s recipient:

“The key bout day liaison point with Rogers since 2013, Boom also produces the annual Quad City Chaos boutcasts, and in 2015 liaised with WFTDA.tv to broadcast sanctioned QCC2015 bouts. Her work on QCC was key in getting folk to look for boutcast sponsors. The last three years Boom has also helped the GTA Rollergirls boutcast their Fresh & Furious Tournament, and ToRD’s Pride events in 2013 & 2014 (also co-productions with GTAR) – thus helping to maintain an external league relationship. These achievements are all about changing how ToRD is viewed by the world. Oh and, Roller Derby? As co-captain of the Bruisers, she’s contributed to the culture during a period of change on BSB.”

Previous winners of this award are:

  • 2009: Dawson
  • 2010: Speedin Hawking
  • 2011: Chronic
  • 2012: Babushkill
  • 2013: Betty Bomber
  • 2014: Mr Force

Derby Nerd received the 2015 ToRD Heart of Gold Award, also known as the Crankypants Award (named in honour of our former announcer Cranky), which recognizes a non-skater for their contributions to the growth and development of ToRD. His contributions as an announcer, reporter and stats nerd have helped ToRD not just with their broadcasts on Rogers TV, Layer9 and WFTDA.tv, but also help us present the ToRD story to the sports world at large.

Previous winners of this award are:

2012: Mr Force
2013: The Reverend Ramirez
2014: Wencer / Mr Whistler

The ToRDie of the Year award (formerly known as the Rollergirl of the Year) went to outgoing league President Mazel Tough. Tough’s leadership and hard work behind the scenes the past few seasons have been immeasurable, in helping ToRD face and overcome many challenges, and leaves big shoes to fill – don’t worry, Betties fans, she is not retiring, merely stepping down from the executive. Toronto Roller Derby has been lucky to have Tough at the helm, and we all say Thank You for her service, and congratulations to all of this year’s winners. Thank you also to the D-VAS for organizing a fun event!

What’s next derby fans? While our home season is over for 2015, both the Bay Street Bruisers still have some road games ahead of them, so stay tuned for information about that. CN Power is awaiting word about the 2015 WFTDA International Playoffs, and which tournament they may qualify for. Later this summer, the first stage of this year’s Home Team Draft will take place, as our home teams restock their rosters to cope with the inevitable retirements that take place in the off-season. We will keep you updated on all the troop movement as it happens.

One thought on “2015 End of Season Award Winners Announced

  1. Crankypants

    Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone at ToRD! It felt great to finally get out to a bout this past season!


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