2014 End of Season Award Winners Announced

On Saturday November 15th, Toronto Roller Derby held its annual End of Season Awards night, where we recognized the best of what Toronto Roller Derby has to offer, both on and off the track. Here are the 2014 winners:

Top Jammer: Bellefast (Death Track Dolls)
Best Blocker (a tie!): Misery Mae (Smoke City Betties) and Biggley Smallz (Chicks Ahoy!)
Best Pivot: Android W.K (Death Track Dolls)
Double Threat: Android W.K (Death Track Dolls)
Most Improved Skater: Block québécois (Death Track Dolls)
Rookie of the Year: Sleeper Hold (Death Track Dolls)
Best Boutfit: Catch-Up & Mus-ToRD
Best Newcomer: Devochka (Death Track Dolls)
Most Help Off the Track: Scarcasm (CN Power)
Encore Award (wins the after party): Vag Lightning (D-VAS)
Downright Awesome Award: Mr Force
Heart of Gold: Wencer
Roller Girl of the Year: Dusty (CN Power)

Top Jammer is based on statistics from the 2014 Season. Best Blocker and Best Pivot are fairly self-explanatory. Double Threat recognizes a skater who excels at both Blocking and Jamming, and Most Improved Skater recognizes a skater who has shown a noticeable growth and improvement in their skating. Rookie of the Year and Best Newcomer are similar, with an important distinction: Rookie of the Year recognized the best new skater who developed first and foremost as a ToRD member, and had not previously played for another full contact derby organization, while Best Newcomer recognizes a new skater who has transferred from another full contact league. (Devochka got her start with Durham Region Roller Derby.)

Most Help Off the Track goes to a skater who contributes strongly to the league behind the scenes. Scarcasm has been a true leader, as co-head of our league’s Testing and Training Committee, has helped train our newest members, helped run the Smoke City Betties’ bench for much of this season, all in addition to being a valued member of CN Power. The Encore Award (“winning the afterparty”) and Best Boutfit Awards are awards that represent the fun side of Toronto Roller Derby.

The Downright Awesome Award this season goes to Mr Force, who runs our online boutcasts, and has been recording trackside footage since almost the very beginning of ToRD. The Downright Awesome Award, named for its first recipient in 2009 (“Downright Dirty” Dawson) recognizes someone who makes a positive change in ToRD culture. This is also a pay-it-forward award, with each year’s recipient picking the winner the following year. previous winners of this award are:

  • 2009: Dawson
  • 2010: Speedin Hawking
  • 2011: Chronic
  • 2012: Babushkill
  • 2013: Betty Bomber

Wencer, also known as Mr Whistler, received the 2014 ToRD Heart of Gold Award, also known as the Crankypants Award (named in honour of our former announcer Cranky), which recognizes a non-skater for their contributions to the growth and development of ToRD. Previous winners of this award are:

  • 2012: Mr Force
  • 2013: The Reverend Ramirez

Retiring skater Dusty (aka Dust Bunny, aka Defecaitlin) is the recipient of the 2014 ToRD Roller Girl of the Year Award, and well deserved too. She’s been one of the main faces of Toronto Roller Derby for many years, and we’re going to miss her and all of her contributions. Before she hangs up the skates for the last time, she will be skating under her legal surname Watson for Team Canada at the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas in December. Thank you for everything, Dusty!

Congratulations to all the winners! Next up for ToRD, Friday November 21st will be our annual home team draft, when the Smoke City Betties, Chicks Ahoy!, Gore-Gore Rollergirls and Death Track Dolls restock their rosters in advance of the 2015 Season, which is just around the corner in January! Stay tuned for draft results this weekend!

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