2013 Draft #1 Results

This past weekend, riding high on the buzz from our End Of Season awards banquet, Toronto Roller Derby held the first of 2 drafts that will supplement the voids in the home team rosters left by attrition and the separation of CN Power into it’s own highly competitive WFTDA team.

Please congratulate and welcome the following skaters to their new teams! In alphabetical order:

Chicks Ahoy: Chevy Chase-Her, Joss Wheelin, Machete Maiden, Mean Streak, R2-Smack-U, Rosemary’s Rabies
Death Track Dolls: Canadian Psycho, Getcha Kicks
Gore Gore Rollergirls: Beaver Mansbridge, Gypsy Nose Bleed, Lexi Con, Purple Pain, Taranosaurous Rex, Viktory Lapp
Smoke City Betties: LowBlowPalooza, Mazel Tough, Tomy Knockers, Uncivil Servant, Zom-Boney

As well, congratulations to the latest crop of Fresh Meat who recently graduated to the DVAS! We look forward to seeing great things from all the members of ToRD moving into 2013.

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